RIP Hand Cannons (150 RPM) – Beyond Light Buffs & Nerfs! (Destiny 2)

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New Beyond Light sandbox changes in Destiny 2! Buffs and Nerfs across the board, including some BIG changes to Hand cannons.
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32 thoughts on “RIP Hand Cannons (150 RPM) – Beyond Light Buffs & Nerfs! (Destiny 2)”

  1. As a more PvE player (I really suck at PvP in soooo many ways hehe) i'm mostly looking for the general Weapon changes and i like whats happening there.. specialy Autorifles and the increase in Rockets is a good thing i think ^^

  2. Here lies squidwards hopes and dreams. What a baby.
    I'm not going to lie I already heard all of this information but clicked on the video strictly because I love the thumbnail.
    But what I want to know is are mnk players going to be affected by this sniper nerf since mnk doesn't have aim assist. If not then that will only effect controller players which won't matter cause all good players use mouse. Essentially that would mean that it hurts the average players and dosent affect good players for the most part. I know there are avarage players on keyboard and good players on controller I'm just saying for the most part. I play significantly worse on keyboard so I usually use controller.

  3. I just realized something….they nerfed the 600 rpm autos.. BUT they also nerfed hand cannons by giving them a higher time to kill smh. In other words they did absolutely nothing but make the overall ttk in the crucible higher but 600 autos will get just as much use smh

  4. I'm fine with auto rifles being meta, but having one archetype utterly dominating with no contest is a bit overkill. I have some good rolls on other AR archetypes that never really get a chance to shine because they're grossly outclassed by Adaptives. They end up collecting dust in the vault while I spam my Galliard, Gnawing Hunger, Arc Logic, etc.

  5. My only question around adept weapons (glad they are coming tbh) is will the adept mods maintain their bonuses in PvE? The problem with Recluse and Mountain top was that pinnacle (and hard to earn) PvP weapons became the META in PvE and this kinda makes me wonder is this is making that issue even worse. I guess I’m more concerned about the mods than the weapons themselves as we have so many to choose from but given the restrictions on Raid mods I’m curious if the adept mods will be the same.
    Still we will find out soon enough..bring on Beyond Light

  6. anything that moves the game away from hand cannons i support. most annoying weapon to play against as it's the only one you can jump shot or quickly duck and aim. autos were just now somewhat competitive, 150s still way more common so it's nice to see them go. hopefully we don't get another hand cannon meta

  7. always excited about changes to hopefully make it better but I will reserve judgement until I get a real feel. Ruinous Effigy is a big huh what, someone still uses that weapon not sure why.

  8. pretty bullshit … maybe NF will still be good in quickplay … you bust your balls to get this weapon yet casual noobs can enjoy a perfectly god roll gnawling hunger and pair it with bastion to spam cancer every game … GH should have been sunset too

  9. I don't know much about the sandbox, I've come into Destiny 2 late in the game. What I do know is that almost all of these changes are for pvp, and I don't know how it's going to effect the pve side of things because we don't know what's happening there.

  10. I generally agree with you, but I think you missed the mark with regard to Trials. The problem with Adept weapons is that that the population is already anemic. If you give META weapons to the sweaties, it’s just going to make it that much harder to compete (not just in trials, but other crucible modes) and it will push away casual or even semi-casual PvP players. It makes the population problem that much worse.

  11. i just hope they make the thorn not kick like a mule. damn thing already has the worst aim assist of any hand cannon ive ever used but you have to pace your shots or your shooting at the ceiling. all the last word users in pvp tear that shit up. i went back to using outbreak perfected and seros regime. it would be nice to see the wish-ender become a one shot again with the broad head arrows actually working. the wall hacks on it have terrible range and you have so many downsides to field of view and mobility just to make it work so i don't think it would be broken. the arbelest potentially having a longer 1 shot range is a scary thought though.

  12. with the bonkers aim assist and time to kill in this game if you have a player who is just always reving up the seros regime as they peek corners, you literally can't kill them. the thing kills so quickly if its fully spun up around a corner it can trade with shotguns. and with all primaries becoming less lethal you know the no skill jotuün scrubs are breathing heavily. crucible was already a sweaty twitch shooter with its way to low ttk and high aa. now its gonna be an absolute joke. and hiding all the best gear behind flawless trials is an insult to the 99.7 percent of the community that will never see that gear. Bungie makes great PVE content but holy fucking shit are they trash at balancing pvp games. Makes me wonder if Halo multiplayer back in the day would have been worse if it had more weapons for them to balance cause they sure as fuck can't handle it. but than again good weapons were map pickups in that game so thats a different argument lol.


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