11 Must-Have PvP Weapons to get BEFORE Beyond Light Drops! (Destiny 2)

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Here is my personal list of the MUST-HAVE and BEST PvP weapons every Destiny 2 player should have before Beyond Light drops! It’s a mixture of Exotic and Legendary weapons that are STRAIGHTFORWARD to acquire. No RNG Drops or World Drops on the list.
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50 thoughts on “11 Must-Have PvP Weapons to get BEFORE Beyond Light Drops! (Destiny 2)”

  1. im not gonna lie if you dont have a felwinters lie theres no point in even being a fucking shotgun player. mindbenders is straight fucking trash regardless of if you have a god roll. the inconsistency is astonishing. and if you are to run into a felwinter player you wont win that shotgun battle. youd be lucky to break their armor with mindbenders while they snipe you with felwinters.

  2. I would highly recommend Austringer as its a 140 rpm Hand Cannon with about the same stats as Ace of spades & its extremely easy to farm & get that God roll if you don't already have it

  3. You can farm a current version of The Last Dance sidearm from Menagerie with a Full Auto Rangefinder roll right now. I got one that also has Ricochet Rounds and a Range MW. Highly recommend doing this.

  4. Think i said this last time as well, but another really solid scout is Vouchsafe from the Dreaming City, it can roll Full Auto and Rapid hit, and can kill at 3c 1b psure

  5. for D2 vets getting back in, Sunshot and Graviton Lance were at one point available from the campaign – you may still have it in your collection! Remember that Sunshot remains a strong option as the sole 150 RPM handcannon surviving the snap, and Graviton Lance can be deceptively good.

  6. I got the cqc with max range + range masterwork, slideshot and trench, best thing ever, never taken it off yet ( i run melee build hunter so trench is better for me)


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