Is Dire promise still the Best Hand cannon in destiny 2 ? (Beyond Light)

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Dire promise is still the best 🙂

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43 thoughts on “Is Dire promise still the Best Hand cannon in destiny 2 ? (Beyond Light)”

  1. Yes the primary weapons are feeling pretty balanced although 180 scouts and lightweight pulses still need some work and we dont even have a rapid fire pulse to play with, slug shottys and regular shottys need to have a larger range gap so slugs can actually be better, sidearms and TLW are absolutely broken if you play on console but Bungie plays on PC so those will never get fixed, V Wing is pretty busted on both PC and console and yea Arbalest is broken, Revoker, Bastion, quick access sling, etc… special weapons definetly need to be nerffed. Supers and heavy ammo should be nerffed as well. The point im trying to make tho is that none of this even matters. Stasis has dropped the gun play in this game to an all time low and with all these stupid bs artifact and legacy mods all our guns just constantly have damage buffs so primary feel like special weapons and special weapons feel like heavy weapons and supers are just stupid broken. Yea man. This sandbox is actual 🗑. Like straight garbage. Straight trash. Its dog poop 💩. Wanna know why?! Cuz gun play and gun skill in this game right now doesn't mean anything. I used to love this game but I swear every season it just gets worse and worse. Every season we get more trash mods that I hate and we get more trash PvE mini games that you couldn't even pay me to play. This isn't Destiny anymore. This is just a pretty mobile game at this point and its a poopy one at that. Bungie never fails at just mind boggling me with their stupidity. They constantly shock and dissapoint me. They even found time to ruin comp this season yet they didnt find time to give us a clash playlist or to make new trials gear NO they would rather give us super trash raid guns and super trash seasonal and destination weapons. It mind boggles me man. Bungie mind boggles me.

  2. Tbf you didn't even have to make a video on Crutch Promise and Crutchwinter's, that's the most common sweaty loadout. Hell, in QP some ppl are perfectly fine just having Crutchwinter's as their only weapon.

  3. I’ve got opening shot rangefinder on my dire with high cal rounds and I cal tell you, high cal is the way to go. Helps so much challenging long range engagements since you flinch your enemy so much.

  4. Decided to hop onto d2 after quitting around shadowkeep coming out. First thing I get is a dire with range sights with high cal rounds, snapshot, swashbuckler, and a range masterwork. Almost tempted to get beyond light cause this game is obviously trying to get me back lmao. Is beyond light worth?


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