Top 5 MUST HAVE Mods For Beyond Light! – Destiny 2 Beyond Light Prep

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Alright boys in todays video we are going to be talking about the Best Mods For Destiny 2 Beyond Light! This video is going to include the Best Charged With Light Mods and the Best Warmind Cell Mods! Destiny 2 Beyond Light is less than a month away and you are going to want to get these Best Mods for PvE in Destiny 2! These Mods can also be used in PvP, but mainly PvE! We talk about Protective Light, Charged Up, Stacks on Stacks, Warminds Protection, and Lucent Blade! Enjoy the Best Mods For Destiny 2 Beyond Light!


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47 thoughts on “Top 5 MUST HAVE Mods For Beyond Light! – Destiny 2 Beyond Light Prep”

  1. IMHO, everyone is sleeping on the Fireteam Medic Warmind Mod. It's solar affinity, and whenever you destroy one, it's like you just threw a one-room-sized healing nade from the Warlock's Grace subclass. Bills always have to be paid, but if I were a day 1 raider, I'd be running Fireteam Medic, Warmind's Protection, Protective Light, Taking Charge, and Supercharged or Stacks on Stacks. I'd use Witherhoard, Ikelos SMG, and Guillotine for Ad Ad Clearing Sections. If there are more major type enemies in the Ad Clear encounter, I'd switch to the Garden Raid Bow and the Ikelos Shotty, or the Warmind AR and 4th Horseman. For the boss fight encounters, I'd use a sniper and Anarchy. Good luck in the raid.

  2. i'm glad protective light is getting the recognition it deserves. an insane damage reduction build for titans using it:
    mk 44 stand-asides (overshield while sprinting)
    taking charge (orbs give charges of light)
    supercharged (get 2 more stacks)
    striking light (damage reduction while sprinting)
    protective light (damage reduction when critical)

    when beyond light comes out, you can add react pulse that gives overshield on finisher (could also just use bulwark finisher mod on void class items right now)

  3. I got all the mods. I would have included the one which regens your ability after a major kill. I did my SF prophecy without protective light, but that mode gave me back my healing rift every time I needed it. The ones mods I'm gonna in BL miss are the barrier mods …

  4. Have them all and agree totally with your scenarios and their utilisation. Multiple stacks can give you the edge, that's for sure!. Great Vid' … Informative and entertaining, what more can a fella ask for? keep up the good work 🙂

  5. All them mods are good, but try out “Reactive Pulse” if you haven’t tried it. It has saved my life many times. If you find yourself close to a group of enemies and one of them can be finished. I use it in nightfalls.


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