Shadebinder Warlock Subclass (Stasis Aspects, Fragments, & Abilities) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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So last week the Warlock Subclass Shadebinder was shown to us. Today we’ll be covering all those new stasis abilities, fragments, and apsects.

Revenant Hunter Class:

Behemoth Titan Class:
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44 thoughts on “Shadebinder Warlock Subclass (Stasis Aspects, Fragments, & Abilities) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. Depending on how dragon fly will work with stasis, I think chromatic fire will be god tier if it freezes surrounding enemies instead of just damaging them. Because you could get your super super fast. If it just damages, well… then it won't change at all.

  2. i love how in the twab they said, titans have their bubbles, locks have their wells (oh shit, hunters dont contribute to the team in any way, maybe we shouldn't mention them)

  3. I’ve been a hunter main since D1, but I’ve switched to Warlock in Season of Arrivals. Been loving top-tree Dawnblade, but being a pyromaniac doesn’t fit with my xbox gamertag. Cryomancer tho…that works perfectly.

  4. Good to finally see more in-depth class customization. Destiny 2 has one of the simplistic class systems I've seen in a game like this. I think this is going to give a lot of peopel more reason to play and grind for good aspects and fragments. I'm also hoping Europa is significantly larger than previous areas. We really need room to explore.

  5. I'm looking forward to these Stasis classes due to the fact that they are designed to fit the way I play. Finally, players who like to play less aggressively and more supportive/team based has a way to do so now.

  6. Ummmm…did anyone else catch how they said “Stasis is the FIRST new element since the original trio of Solar/Arc/Void”? I really…REALLY…R E A L L Y want more Darkness subclasses added.

  7. Does anybody actually think the freeze mechanics will work on bosses ? lol All this is going to do is make pvp a living nightmare. I guarantee you this freeze shit won’t even work on bosses.

  8. Make sure to investigate descriptions fully, that aspect or fragment or whatever only gives super energy if you kill frozen enemies with weapons, so Vesper Radius likely won't count as a weapon (assuming the shockwave procs the freezing mechanic when normally it looks like they'd have to pass by it or close to). The rest of the rift build you had working still sounds fun. Imagine it in crucible too, how often do you notice yourself passing through an enemy rift? Well I can promise you'll notice it a lot more once you step into the first rift trap that freezes you.


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