Datto's Thoughts on the Reveal of Destiny 2: Beyond Light Expansion

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It’s June. Which means it’s time for Bungie to start talking about their next fall expansion. And they did just that. And then they talked about the expansion after this one. And then they talked about the expansion after that one. We have a few major talking points to discuss: new destination, new subclass, new damage type, new story beats, next-gen console support and the Destiny Content Vault. I do not discuss Season 11 in this video. Thoughts start at 6:44.

Read here: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/49189
Beyond Light Reveal Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-5S82ETKvI
Beyond Light Gameplay Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms90okhAbTw

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37 thoughts on “Datto's Thoughts on the Reveal of Destiny 2: Beyond Light Expansion”

  1. Imagine paying for the base game and expansions just to have Bungie take them out of the game, stealing what you payed for some might say. What happened to Bungie?

  2. his entire channel is some fucking comment section of reddit. Doesn't do shit, but read some comment and upload it on youtube with zero regard if anyone understands it or not. Just reiterates information that's already there, AUGMENT THAT INFORMATION, don't relay it.

  3. My problem with destiny 2 removing content is that I don’t have the new expansion I bought the original expansions for destiny 2 and I frankly don’t have enough money to buy the newer expansions and the new content is like buying a new game the newest expansion I do have is forsaken

  4. I’m like one of the 3% who gets heavily impacted by this vaulting, because I only JUST started destiny 2… but I get a month plus for free, and I’m having a blast, so really can’t complain. Probably going to end up buying into the dlc before game pass brings everything to PC, and I’m ok with that, unless they suddenly decide to release the game pass PC version ahead of schedule (never gonna happen!). A great game to jump into in 2020, excited to see where it goes. Just maybe please discount Forsaken and Shadowkeep so I feel less conflicted about buying into all that on top of Beyond Light please (wishful thinking)

  5. I don't think beyond light or any other expansions will fix destiny 2 and its problems because destiny 2 is a really bad game and destiny 1 is way better!! Plus I don't like that destiny 2 has season passes when destiny 1 did not have season passes but I am okay with it having expansions!!

  6. beyond light is basically forsaken and taken king sized and feeling expansion but with the entire expansion connected to the darkness because of the new era of destiny so yea it's forsaken. but darkness themed

  7. Im fine with losing destinations but i feel we should get some compensation since we paid for these destinations but tbh im probably just being greedy bc im broke

  8. Some drunk Russian guy must have worked at Bungie when they were making the name for the new planet in D2 and said something about Europa and everyone at Bungie thought hey that could be the name 4 the Planet but he actually just said Europe in Russian


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