Season of The Chosen, Splicer, and Lost REDEEMED Beyond Light (Destiny 2 Seasons)

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Seasons REDEEMED Beyond Light and Season of The Hunt at launch. Destiny 2 seasonal content was consistent at the very least for the duration of the Destiny 2 Beyond Light year. Enjoy this Episode of Destiny 2 history.

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36 thoughts on “Season of The Chosen, Splicer, and Lost REDEEMED Beyond Light (Destiny 2 Seasons)”

  1. I really enjoyed this year’s seasonal offerings. Chosen and Splicer especially were really fun to play as well as being rewarding. Lost was good as well, I just didn’t really enjoy it to the same extent. 30th Anniversary was incredible. It come out at just the right time when players were feeling the seasonal fatigue, and I think people think back on it a lot more fondly because of that.

  2. Lost was a really good season. It was just too damn long xD if it wasnt for that the comunity would have loved this season more
    I really liked the story missions in the shatered realm, big space to explore with lot of secrets with good rewards and the 6 player activity was also not so boring

  3. Gonna say some spicy takes:

    From all these seasons my favorite and probably the most stand out of the beyond light era is season of the chosen; I think with that season at least most of the core objectives were hit with getting something for each activities. Secret mission, strikes, a new staple vanguard operation, the umbral system, the seasonal story being good and relatively paced well and not dragging. Good exotics and sandbox changes along with it and some new excellent mods.

    Splicer for me started off interesting the weapon perks were good to me but when they got buffed down the line happy I had some of these weapons kept. Vault being back was great outside of the whole call out discussions, but it’s main activity and everything else I think was soooo tedious and boring. It looked aesthetically amazing but playing it repeatedly just was a bit too long to enjoy on repeat. And the story which has so many layers of grey morality intrigue and history with the last city and the elskini could have been compared to elites and humanity in halo and been great. But it was handled with the subtlety of a cabal hammer making things so black and white and the community and some devs I believe calling people racists if they didn’t side with the elskini forth right or gave Lakshmi-2 any credit. It was terrible behavior from the community and made things so one sided in which it was completely made pointless cause Savathûn was the one behind everything and causing all the drama and issues to escalate as they did. Lakshmi-2 was a woman who saw the destruction or rather purging of London and as a Exo she perfectly recalls and remembers that day as if it just happened and seeing one of the barons in charge of exterminating billions of humans casually selling knitted clothing is kinda beyond messed up. I don’t agree the lengths she went to get rid of the elskini but her concerns were valid and yes even though the house of light didn’t cause any of these tragedies their people came to earth to eradicate humanity to gain the traveler back they never came peacefully to ask for it back or to coexist it was war immediately. The potential for this story was there but it was done in the laziest and easiest way possible and due to around when this season came out with the political climate it didn’t help fueling more needless division in people.

    God after that Season of the Lost was a breath of fresh air a more simpler tale meeting Savathûn finally and her ear worm of a voice actress god she made that season to me all by herself. Making the community trust Mara sov less, bringing us some cool exotics, the seasonal activity was alright it got dull after awhile but was still fun, it’s side activity exploring the ascendant realm initially was cool finding secrets and etc but after finding most of them it kinda lost its charm never really evolving much. But season of the Lost suffered most due to that extended season length which honestly wasn’t much to do by the end and cutting off the final mission to the literally last week and it being bugged so people couldn’t even complete it right if someone skipped the cutscene was terrible. If released earlier it could have been fixed and not have screwed with most players and actually made more sense timing wise honestly with the witch queen launch on how Savathûn got assembled given the time and instead just so quickly and out of no where. Where arrivals even extended had so much more to do I didn’t mind it being extended Lost to me was dangling the ending to me and keeping it away with honestly very little fun to be had. Mods were good just should have wrapped the story up first instead making us wait.

    Finally 30th anniversary honestly have no issues outside of how much it cost which I think you did pretty well at explaining; if we could get another one of these but a tad bigger removing one or two seasons to add on to a sort of nice small to medium dlc drop like this alongside our major expansions it would be nice. Also hope we can get new dares activities and bosses to mix things up and really make Dares the new prison of elders I think it could work honestly and star horse and Xur are great hosts with the occasional cameo of other characters dropping on by like drifter, Caitil and other notable members

  4. I've been enjoying going back through the years of Destiny and just how pain staking it was to play through all of it. But, it's enjoyable when playing with friends.

    Splicer and 30th Anniversary were most likely the best content I played during Beyond Light.

  5. Lost? Not so much, chosen and splinter however were fucking fire, these two seasons had amazing writing, good activities and nice fashion and qol, season of the lost was boring and annoying because the entire time we had to listen to how mara is a narcistic stupid bitch full of herself and crow being the edgy annoying guy h is

  6. Splicer was by far the Best season for me. Although I hated it to start, as I disliked the jumping mission, but overcame my dislike. The armour focusing was the best ever, as you could double focus it. The weapons were mi t too.

  7. I've yet to watch the video but something that's been gnawing at my mind the past couple seasons is that the seasonal model is still designed around sunsetting. It's driven by fomo, so it ends up feeling like every activity that is "created" for the seasons end up being lackluster or repeats because they're designed to be thrown away. If it's only going to be in the game for a maximum of 12 months (less for the ones that come out after the first season of the dlc cycle) of course the Devs aren't going to make something like menagerie etc. It's honestly kinda exhausting playing such derivative seasonal activities every few months and I couldn't imagine how demoralising it must be to be tasked to work on those activities and content knowing that it won't last nor have staying power. Gonna watch the video now just felt like leaving this comment haha

  8. Splicer was my favorite in Beyond Light, the story, the visuals, the weapons, the characters and Vault of Glass returning. Finally getting transmog was my favorite addition though regardless of how bad it was introduced.

  9. this makes me sad that ill never get to experience this stuff. i stopped playing after curse of osiris and only came back halfway through season of the haunted. i missed so much and ill never get to experience any of it

  10. I had kinda been on Destiny hiatus between Taken King and Shadowkeep, dipping my toes into Season of Arrivals, and finally coming back in full form during Season of the Splicer. I’ve been playing consistently since then, and this series has been so good at making up for lost time. Great work and impressive speed with which you release each new video 👍

  11. Still absolutely loving this series!

    Beyond Lights seasons were absolutely brilliant! Splicer is still one of my favorite seasons the theming and weapons were just great! (Slide shot blinding blades on the GL is so much fun)

  12. I wish they’d bring the AR, PR, and FR from Vault of glass back. As well as the armor ornaments from Age of triumph. Same goes for King’s fall and it’s missing 3 weapons and armor ornaments

  13. For me ::
    Season of Risen : 14/20
    Season of Haunted : 12/20
    Season of Plunder : 8/20 (i hope that the final event will be great)

    Season 1 of Beyond light : Never play
    Season of Chosen 19/20
    Season of splicer 14/20
    Final Season : 13/20

  14. Season of the lost was my favourite season of that yeat. Loved the explorative nature of the shattered realms and new dreaming city real estate for the activity was also very nice.
    the 30th anniversary also delivered the best seasonal esque content we have ever had!
    excellent video as always!


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