NEXT GEN Upgrade, Beyond Light Raid, & 'Deej, Out' (This Week at Bungie) | Destiny 2 News

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Next Gen Upgrades for new consoles have been announced, alongside the Beyond Light Raid details and date.
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39 thoughts on “NEXT GEN Upgrade, Beyond Light Raid, & 'Deej, Out' (This Week at Bungie) | Destiny 2 News”

  1. For world first:
    In addition to a belt, they need to make a raid emblem that has the names of all the world first in it. Anytime others complete the raid they get the emblem with the world's first names.

  2. What happen to consumables at mars, io, titan, mercury?? Anyone know about it? Because im was thinking to sell it to spider get glimmer and do any bounty for prep world first raid

  3. Poor Bungie, they'll spend all day sifting through PC players data before they announce which PC streamers, who came 100th in the raid race, actually came first because the other 99 PC teams cheated.
    Also imagine hearing all the other teams beating you and your heart dropping,but hoping that the winners are cheating. It's a shame really.

  4. This may not be the right place to put this but, I think I have made one of the most toxic builds.

    So pretty much the build is Rat King with its catalyst, truthteller with disruption break, top tree night stalker, and The Sixth Coyote. Having this build will make you go invisible with two dodges a sidearm that turns you invisible and heal you, and a grenade launcher that will make them take 50% more damage. I think this build would be insane.

    I haven’t tried it myself but I think it will be insane. 🙂

  5. I have pressed F to pay the ultimate respects, I need a fireteam to key bind F as their supers and truly give deej the glorious exit he deserves, deej out as you hear thousands of supers going off, all with the press of F, love you deej. You shall forever love on in our guardians legacy, and our hearts.

  6. Not wasting the time or money on this game anymore. Too much cheating even in playlist strikes.. Bungie responds by making content more difficult. Fucking gating content including event & seasonal behind trials… Cheaters aside some of us are in unfavorable regions and get shit on during any sort of non solo content. Though moving to Steam(NO MATTER THE REASON) was simply the worst thing Bungie could have done to Destiny

  7. As a PC Player I can say you people who are gonna play on next gen consoles, 4K is beautiful, I myself play on PC at 4K 60 FPS so I will not be playing on next gen console, that and I can't play FPS games on Controller anymore. You guys got a real treat coming 😉

  8. Warframe is getting an actual next gen upgrade. What is destinys excuse? Too busy detailing the story, one sentence per week? Too busy making up ice powers that could be slapped on a frame by steve in about 45 seconds. BTW, I don't play warframe anymore. But I don't play destiny anymore either.


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