How Will Hawkmoon Work in Destiny 2: Beyond Light?

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With the iconic Exotic Hand Cannon Hawkmoon returning in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, this video is a discussion about theory & speculation of how Hawkmoon’s perks and mechanics will work in Destiny 2 Beyond Light when it is released.



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45 thoughts on “How Will Hawkmoon Work in Destiny 2: Beyond Light?”

  1. I feel like with whatever non damage boosting rng-based perk it has, it could also have final round so it would still have a bonus damage round even if it's just not randomized.

  2. LUL dude any more aim assist and you controller users on PC will literally be cheating. I havent used a controller in a year and I can still pick up the sticks and not miss a snipe the whole game because of this. Its gotta be nerfed if something like what you are suggesting is going to be on Hawkmoon.

  3. The bullets could also apply a debuff to opponents which could do a lot of things. Still I think it should come back how it was. With the already reduced handcannon damage I don’t see one taps being a thing. Holding aces could also always proc consecutively. Don’t take away what made this gun part of the holy trinity. If they do ace of spades is just going to be better and a legend will die.

  4. It would be nice a unique if that randomness would give the gun 0 recoil (and I mean 0 recoil) for a short amount of time instead of damage. However, it wouldn’t really make sense for hawkmoon to have it

  5. it isn't hawkmoon without lucky rounds. the feeling of missing a lucky round vs hitting a lucky round was integral to the identity of the gun and if they imploy the changes to the gun they are suggesting they might as well call it something else.

  6. I suspect Hawkmoon will operate similarly to Opening Shot like you suggested, but the bullets will take on a few extra special properties:

    1. the gun will indicate in some way when your next shot is a Luck in the Chamber round

    2. absurd bullet magnetism on the shot as well as boosted range and accuracy

    3. the round will infinitely pierce enemies and leave a “tracer” effect in the air as a visual effect

    4. It will make a sickass high-pitched noise when it fires a LitC round to make it feel like butter

    5. killing an enemy with a LitC round will make the next reload possess additional LitC rounds according to the number of kills with LitC rounds, up to a maximum of 6 LitC rounds in one magazine. Honestly probably a masterwork effect.

  7. According to a very sketchy leak Hawkmoon will build up stacks of a buff on each crit then the final bullet would deal damage based on the stacks. Can 1 body people if you hit all crits.

    Other things in the leak are:
    Hunter exotic that replaces the dodge with a short range blink
    Stasis Titans can use their barricade charge to get damage resistance for a short time but it goes away if they jump
    Warlock super is like a combo of golden gun and stormtrance

  8. Problem with 140s is outside of PVE they can not complete especially after the countless HC nerfs to balance them on PC which basically killed off 140s for console users in PVP.

  9. They could put a random effect on kills/precision kills. Stuff like boosting your movement speed or causing an explosion. This would make it so that the gun isn’t able to randomly affect duels but it still has a randomized effect. The effect could also be countered by staying away from your teammate if they get killed with hawkmoon and force them to make an observation and forces the user to make the most of whichever random effect they get from the kill.

  10. So I was think that hawk moon could have Magnificent howl pre nerf and also it’s exotic perk could be like( for every headshot you land it gives it extra range,stability, and more handling or reload) so that would make landing headshots way more consistent so that the perk could Magnificent howl could Prock more often.

  11. I actually really disliked using Hawkmoon because of that randomness. I wanted so badly to love it because it’s a beautiful gun and powerful when the perk worked. I’d LOVE for the Hawkmoon to kind of be a spiritual successor of the Luna’s Howl/Not Forgotten in an exotic form.


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