Why BEYOND LIGHT might RUIN Destiny 2 forever / Thoughts, Reaction

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light just had another new trailer of the new darkness subclasses, europa, new weapons, dlc gameplay and new amazing stasis perks of the expansion at gamescom 2020. Is Destiny worth getting into as a new player, is it worth coming back nad is it gonna be worth it paying 50$ for the new expansion?

I’m worried about the future of Destiny and in this video I’m going over my thoughts of Beyond Light and why it needs to deliver when it releases in November.

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10 thoughts on “Why BEYOND LIGHT might RUIN Destiny 2 forever / Thoughts, Reaction”

  1. I completely agree. I have been pushing many, many of my friends to start playing before Beyond light drops. I do feel apprehensive of the future, and what it may hold- but I’m much more hopeful.
    Even if the New Light experience is about to change drastically, I think new players still will have an Avenue to enjoy this game. We are getting a shit ton of content removed, but much of it is pointless content that not even new players enjoy. I personally think that all of this is a blessing in disguise for the community. The New light experience in general is a mess, the old content is pointless, the old raids are not rewarding (Why so they have to take away Scourge though???) and many New Light players are not doing these old activities, because Bungie is not pointing them in the right direction in the first place. Bungie has come out and said they are redoing the New Light experience, and many others have come out saying Bungie has to rewrite the game from the ground up, because of how outdated and large it has become. This November, we’re going to hop in to a whole new Destiny 2, and I’m very excited.
    However, knowing Bungie, they could slip up and fall, so being apprehensive is a good idea.

    I do think however that whatever is to come in the near future, it’s going to be awesome. As a Guardian of 7 years, I am scared, but with how well Bungie has been doing lately, I’m very excited to see what they have been cooking up.

  2. beyond light 3 times forsaken for me and i didn't enjoy forsaken at all so that's why i hate it so much 😐 but beyond light will save the game from every little fear of the game feeling like back in warmind or curse of osiris

  3. "Spoiled us", you mean fulfilling your fanbases' basic desire for new content???
    I'm done with Bungie skimping on content.
    We want a Taken King level expansion every year.


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