Destiny 2 Ultimate To-Do List Before Beyond Light | New Player Guide

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Destiny 2 Ultimate To-Do List Before Beyond Light | New Player Guide
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Destiny 2 New Light Players or Returning Guardians take note of the content that is going away and if you’re looking to hunt down everything that is going away with Destiny 2 Beyond Light, here is the Ultimate To-Do List.
If you’d like this list in written form, you can check out SekiAo’s Reddit Post here:

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0:00 Introduction
0:18 Destiny 2 New Light Players (Year One Content Guide)
2:06 Destiny 2 Activities and Map Guide
4:26 Destiny Content Vault (What’s Going Away)
6:06 Mars Content Ultimate List
7:41 Mercury Content Ultimate List
8:08 IO Content Ultimate List
8:33 Titan Content Ultimate List
8:54 Raid and Menagerie Content Ultimate List
10:35 Preparing for Beyond Light
11:55 Final Thoughts and Thanks


35 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Ultimate To-Do List Before Beyond Light | New Player Guide”

  1. I last played this game in mid 2018. I missed out on so much. When I heard they were removing planets I decided to don my armor once more and return to to the fight against enemies of the traveler. Thanks for this. Now I know what to focus my light on before the darkness takes over. Eyes up, Guardian.

  2. I really dont know what i should think about that. People can keep telling me ''yeah its because of the story'' as much as they want, i dont care. taking content that is allready there AWAY.. IS BAD period. who the fck would think that having LESS content… is good? seriously… its not as if old planets had any maintanence going on because they ware allready done. What about new players??? f2p players? How do you even play the base games campaign if the planets for it dont exist anymore? You PAYED for these planets back then, and now they just take it away arguing that its ''such a good thing'' no. fuck you bungie.. its not

  3. Step 1 grab everything. Step 2 do the campaign you remember existing and be confused because half is kinda missing and the reward is not what it was. Step 3 Explore planets and be suprised by sudden quests jumping at you from no where becasue you weren't paying attention. Step 4 get Umbral Engrams. Step 5 spend a week figuring out what to do with them and how to unlock them. Step 6 Finally dump all engrams you had no use of in the right place and bump your llvl massivly… then cry about the engrams you threw away because you had no more space and couldn't complete the quest without having space for the engram reward… Step 7 find the strike playlist and just do that for 3 days because it's worryless and get's you somewhat fast upgrades. Step 8 finnaly reaching llvl 1k+ you realize you have no idea of what you are doing and upgrades are alot slower now so you figure you might as well do EVERYTHING. Step 9 clearing out all the totally garbage quests that don't give rewards becuase those sucks. Step 10 do some reasearch on the best weapons. Step 11 cry about the quests you abandoned because they were all giving you some of the better weapons in the game. Step 12 finally finish your first quest exotic only to find that your current weapons are higher llvl but it's pretty so you keep it in the vault. Step 13 look up builds and try to understand your class a little. Step 14 realise that those old quests are still there and can be picked up again, hurray. Step 15 realise how fking long those are so you put them on the later to do list. Step 16 Finally feel like you are looking good after figuring out how to use shaders. Step 17 Back to being ugly after not knowing how to get more. Step 18 Finally taking a good look at what everything in your inventory is, there are so much stuff! Step 19 Oh weapons can gain light from other weapons!!! Now you can use that one exotic you threw in the vault. Step 20 you realise that the exotic was kinda shit and maybe you should get your hands on a good one. Step 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 You trying to get the whisper quest done and eventually giving up. Step 26. discovering collections and oh thats a lot of blinking lights… Step 27 Looking fking good again! Step 28 Doing public events for reasons… Step 29 watching videos like the one above. Step 30 starting over by vaulting all your gear and deleting your character so your new character can look good and have a great advantage. Step 31 regretting your choices and wishing you knew wtf you were doing in the first place. Step 32. Taking a break from the game for a year of 4. Step 33. Comming back remembering nothing and fk it delete everything and new characters all around!
    Step 1 grab everyhting….

  4. I disagree with telling new players to do the old xpacs and storylines. They take a ton of time and you can honestly just watch a video of the storyline. There's a ton of things you can do and exotics to get that you can find a group for that will reward you things that aren't immediately obsolete.

  5. It feels lazy to make stuff just go away….the effort to be able to support all your content long term is like a norm for all mmo's. Newer players are the one you are trying to attract but are going to be met with oops should have started sooner…

  6. holy shit…. just jumped back on the destiny 2 train. 1 second into the video the dude starts talking and i'm like wait… i know that voice. then he says his name is Brian and i'm like ooohhhh yeah i sub to Work2Game for FFXIV😂

  7. Wait I came back from a pretty large break from destiny and I’m confused. Why should this be done before September doesn’t beyond light come out in November? But either way, Great Video!

  8. I played vanilla D2 did everything left the game and came back just before in preparation for shadowkeep got all the quest exotics and all the weapons like the gambit auto riffle , mountain top etc. Shadowkeep dropped with armor 2.0 and I dropped the game again because I didn't feel like powering up again and learning armor 2.0. What am I missing if I don't play until the fall which I plan on coming back. Also got everything from the raids.

  9. Howdy everyone and welcome to the channel, if you find this video didn't answer all your questions or are feeling lost I have a few guides that I've made to hopefully help you out. These are all linked in the Destiny playlist (top link in the desc, but to just help direct anyone who's interested in some of the more focused guides).

    Destiny 2 New Player Guide 2020:

    Fast Ways to Grind Up XP:

    Returning Players Guide:

    Understanding Weapons, Mods, Armor, and power:

    What's Getting Vaulted:

  10. Great content! The video wasn't meant for me, I play every day and got everything a while back but I cant imagine how helpful this would be for new players. Note though, your pronunciations(I assume some are on purpose) are absolutely wrong and hilarious. It made watching your video probably the most fun I've had all week. Keep up the good work, these are great videos!

  11. I'm on the same boat as you. I was a pvp guy just until recently. For some reason pve is pretty fun lol. Managed to solo the whisper mission on normal and heroic and now I'm hooked

  12. I've been away from D2 for like 2 years and this video has been super helpful to me. Never knew about amanda having the old campaigns, or how to tell if I've done a lost sector already. Thanks.

  13. I came in like a week ago but I played every story dlc when forsaken came out. I’m not gonna be able to do everything but I spent most of my time after the forsaken story to complete the last word quest.


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