Destiny 2. The Beyond Light Waiting Room. The Good, The Bad and The… Well… You Know Right?

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Sources: JB3 for the glitching footage.

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Destiny 2. The Beyond Light Waiting Room. The Good, The Bad and The… Well… You Know Right?

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49 thoughts on “Destiny 2. The Beyond Light Waiting Room. The Good, The Bad and The… Well… You Know Right?”

  1. Bungie's season's have done me a great service. It killed my Destiny addiction. It went from being the only game I played to just another game. I may play once every couple of weeks but nothing in the game draws me in anymore. Having the game geared more towards Newlight players makes it nice because the drive to collect and get loot is just gone. Why collect everything when nothing actually means anything anymore.

  2. #madeittotheend I agree with the season pass rewards. I think class based items that stand out would be great. Like a cool warlock bond/ hunter cloak/ titan mark or heck even bring back glows or unique ornaments (not just seasonal ones)

  3. Regarding the season pass rewards, I seriously can't figure out why at level 92 they give you 1000 twisted energy. Once you've reached that high on the levels your recaster is already gonna be fully upgraded from weekly bounty rewards. Currently mine is sat taking up a slot in my inventory and I've got no use for it as my recaster is fully upgraded. Am I missing something or have bungie dropped the ball on this one?

  4. #MadeItToTheEnd. I hate PvP since they removed the SBMM. I mean, either i get wrecked either my team wrecks the other one thanks to 1 or 2 PvP lords in the loby. I am just average and i have absolutely no fun at all. When it was skill based, i would 1v1 against slightly better players and that is ok if i lost but now, i just feel i am being peed on.
    Other than that, i love this season and i believe you are missing on some of those mods.

  5. I'm really liking this season. Contact is my favorite activity out of all the seasons so far and the 2 exotics are a lot of fun to use. Umbral engrams also is a very good system for getting drops you want.. Overall probably my favorite season, but with that said I still wish the expansion wasn't delayed 2 extra months.

  6. To all new and old player concern is Bungie is whether to buy a content that will be taken away in 1 or 2 year. I havent purchase this expansion yet i scare next year forsaken expansion will be vaulted. I keep rethink would it be better if i put my money in warframe/ borderlands 3 dlc/ new outrider which is a better investment or value.
    New light player probably has no point even buying old expansion like forsaken or shadowkeep as all the gear will be obsolete by the time they finish playing and the expansion will probaly taken away from them sooner than they thought. No guarantee on gear and content they probaly finish the free content and move to other game as expansion value really pointless except Beyond light only and even new gear only last 1 year compare to warframe which last indefinitely. Bungie clearly is new to MMorpg shifting from shooter game.

  7. Lucent blades secondary effect basically makes it so that your sword charges after 1.5 seconds and does massive damage. It’s enough to outdps any other heavy with dark drinker2.0. Just swipe 5-6 times then heavy

  8. I truly, enjoy this Season 11, but ranking my light level..once I got to 1072 I havent ranked up my light level going on 2weeks, after a Prophecy run, ill get one, weapon or gear higher 3pts different.

  9. i love temptation hook cause i can deal instant big damage on bosses that hovers in the air by dealing powerful strikes on them.. it is strong specially with vorpal weapon..

  10. Some people seem to think that there is no enemy race and the pyramids are just a dark traveler. It would kind of make sence if this is true excpt for going inside the moon pyramid. If there was no race then wouldn't just the pyramids be solid?

  11. #madeittotheend. I pretty much enjoy just playing the game in my spare time. I didn't get wrapped up in upgrading the bunkers last season, but I usually try to do the objective of the season. I, unlike a lot of other people, enjoy doing bounties. So, if the season objective doesn't interest me, I just do the daily bounties.

    Has Bungie addressed exotic ghost shells that have destination perks for destinations that are being vaulted? Will those get new destinations or do they get sharded?

  12. I was weary of charged with light, but high energy fire and taking charge is an easy loop to use. Pick a orb of light, get charged with light, deal extra weapon damage till ya kill something. Good for bosses. It's not a big buff, but enough to make it worth the slots.

  13. Couple of pointers:
    -Save your 'please subscribe' message for the end of the video. Don't be that annoying gamer youtuber
    -Please learn how to use Falling Guillotine.

  14. Bungie will get no more of my money. They have totally changed to a free to play model and many people paid a lot for this game plus expansions in the first couple years. They should have just done destiny 3 and made it free to play. Not a fan anymore. Not really a fan of anything they have done in the last year and a half with this game. Kinda makes me sad, but there is always something else to play.

    Always like the vids mesa, great job!


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