Destiny 2 Lore – Beyond Light Reveal Stream. Byf's hot take on Beyond Light & Season of Arrivals!

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Destiny 2 just launched a massive reveal stream! Beyond Light, the next September Expansion features the Exo Stranger, Eris and The Drifter. Here are all my thoughts on it and the new season!
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35 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Lore – Beyond Light Reveal Stream. Byf's hot take on Beyond Light & Season of Arrivals!”

  1. I’m still just scared about the future of this game. I’m scared of the recycled content, and I’m scared that it’s going to take away from us getting new content. I’m scared that the beyond light story is going to be suck without reading the lore, and I’m scared that the bounty and milestone issues will still exist when the dlc drops. I’m scared that the raid won’t be connected to the story of the dlc, and that there will be no incentive to play it, like there was in destiny 1. I’m scared that the seasonal model will continue to push out terrible seasons, making 70% of the D2 year a waste of time and money. I miss the glory days of D1, when we were all enjoying our time during rise of iron and taken king. Destiny 2 just ain’t the same, and I don’t think they will ever replicate that. I miss the days when loot always meant something, and when no matter how weak a story really was, you were still captivated by the world of destiny. I miss when raid loot was the best in the game, and I wanted to play it every chance I could. I miss when raid ornaments and weekly challenge mode existed, and you could deck your guardian out in the best looking loot in the game. I miss when the armor system was just straight to the point and I didn’t have to worry about spam swapping weapon mods to kill champions. I miss when I could do nightfalls with randoms and just equip elemental weapons to do a lot of damage. Champions are just annoying and I just don’t care enough about this game to grind nightfalls for upgrade materials for armor. More complex doesn’t mean more fun. Destiny 1 is never coming back, and that really sucks for me

  2. The light abandons humanity, as we stray from it embracing the dark to fight fire with fire. A new chapter opens for the fallen as the light shines upon them but not as you think it would. As darkness corrupts so does light. There must always be a balance between the two.

  3. I think Bungie learned their lesson from the Forsaken trailer and are holding their cards much closer. I thought Shadowkeep would be a fairly generic Hive DLC until we rounded that corner on the Moon. I also think there’s a lot more to this DLC they aren’t showing us. I think it’s weird that they introduce a completely new damage type when we are supposedly only dealing with the occasional dark-corrupted Fallen. I think Bungie may actually drop a brand new enemy race on us in the late game, similar to how they surprised us with Taken at the end of Forsaken, after mainly fighting Scorn. I also think that although it will be cool to fight a Fallen Kell using the darkness, Eramis doesn’t strike me as raid boss material, and I think we’ll probably defeat her in the base campaign. If we do wind up with a Fallen raid though, my moneys on Variks as the big bad

  4. Eh no worries on the Enceladus stuff. They made it seem pretty convincing to be totally honest. I think we all figured it was either there or Europa. I don’t think anyone thinks you intentionally mislead anyone or maliciously perpetuated a lie. It is what it is and If Bungie decided it was on Europa, then no worries. Like I said, that one lore piece was really convincing. And it really seems like you’ve had some growth as a person on getting things like this wrong. I remember when you were going through that rough patch and you took this stuff really hard and put a lot of pressure on yourself. Now you seem like you can accept when you make a mistake and just seem like you handle it better so it’s really great seeing that growth. I love seeing you in such a great space mentally (at least from the outside you seem like you’re in a good space.) just keep putting your love for the game in your videos and it’ll be ok. You’re still an amazing source for Lore content. Keep up the good work my man!!

  5. ATTENTION: I’m not english, so the grammar will not perfect.

    I noticed that year 3, as bad as it was, is indispensable for year 4. If we think about it, Shadowkeep and Season of Arrival presented us with Darkness and brought us closer to it, the Season of Undying and Season of Dawn they made us understand the journey through time and the fact of being able to influence it, while the Season of the Worthy showed us the greatness with its fall of Rasputin.

    I thought about what the plot might be like.

    Practically the Drifter and Eris call us to go to Europa and there we will meet the Exo Stranger.

    Then there is a whole explanation of the Darkness, the history of the Eliksni and space-time travel. Maybe just using the stasis, which in addition to ice should have something to do with time, it would connect to the Vex, to the Exo Thick, er, Exo Stranger I mean and maybe we also meet ourselves in the past, in the first Destiny 1. Maybe.

    After going on with the investigations on Europa we discover information regarding Clovis Bray and the warminds. So we are sent to the Cosmodrome and accidentally meet Uldren; the latter helps us find information regarding the warmind, but instead we find the exo of Rasputin.

    We take Rasputin with us and return to Europe. Here we access the Braytech laboratories, discover the origin of the exo, create Cayde-7, a final confrontation takes place first with that sexy fallen… I mean Eramis and then perhaps with the robotic version of Daddy Bray himself.

    The start of the new season talks about the importance of time travel and Vex in the battle between Light and Darkness. Because of this we return for some reason to the Vault of Glass.

    Also for the time travel issue and also adding Savathûn's "magic tricks", as the Moon was not invaded by the Dorito… Pyramids, then we are forced to return to face a reincarnation of Crota.

    For a strange reason Rasputin is kidnapped by Savathûn herself, so we face the witch queen and save our second favorite russian exo.

    After that, the Exo Stranger invite us to her cabine and we start to have love scene with her. I KNOW THEY MAKE IT! THEY NEED TO MAKE IT!

    I know it was eight years ago, but I still remember. We have waited 3 years to make a romance on Mass Effect with the two characters who are alien with nothing of human, Tali and Garrus, and we have waited in totally 5 years to see a real love scene with these ones. That never happen!

    They made a love scene with Lady Butt. They made a love scene with Tatoo-Bald-Girl. They made a love scene with “…but the Prize” choco dude, but they don’t made a love scene with Miss Keelah Se’lai and Mr. Callibrations. The cutest and most funny characters of the entire Mass Effect series, BioWare don’t make a love scene with them.

    Now, Bungie. You need to give us to make something with the Exo Stranger, please! We can’t make our guardian to the fate to remain virgin for the rest of the saga. Please, give to us a fanservice like the Citadel! GIVE TO US! GIVE TO US!

    I’m joking… in part.

  6. Stasis = Ice/Freeze. So now we have Ice/Freezing,Void/Nothingness, Arc/Electricity,Solar/Fire. what elements are left? Wind/Blowing,Earth/Ground manipulation, Warping/Time manipulation? When will it end? lol but seriously I hope the darkness turns out to be something good. Because I would like to see some more variety in enemies and weapons than just reskins with slight alt changes.

  7. at 11:48 i just turned it off. Since when are gaming companies political aggressors idk. Supporting BLM is like supporting the terrorists on 9/11. Yeah i said it. Geroge Floyd died from a drug Overdose which reminds me he's what 5 months sober now ? Idk i didn't follow that bullshit , smelled tricky from the start and it smelled like a liberal promotional bullshit to make America look like shit which is also not true.

  8. In the future, the only two ways I see we take on Savthun is 1) with the darkness. Or maybe we control the darkness, and somehow resurrect and control Oryx with his heart from touch of malace, so he will help us conquer Savathun? She is too cunning to straight up face us.

  9. Something I've been wondering about, recently. What if, instead of the Deep Stone Crypt, which is on Europa as we now know, something IS there on Enceladus. Something that he thinks is important enough to tell Petra about, but he doesn't want anyone else, or us, to know it's there. Maybe, a cache of some kind, or something like that, if that makes any sense.


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