FASTEST Red Border Raid Farm Guide You've Ever Seen! – Destiny 2

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The Featured Raid in Destiny 2 this week is the Deep Stone Crypt Raid from Beyond Light. This Fast and Easy DSC Red Border Raid Weapon Far Guide will get you ready for Lightfall in Destiny 2 by crafting the God Roll Heritage, Succession, Posterity or Bequest Legendary Raid Exotic Weapons from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid Farm this week. You can even farm the Raid Exotic Eyes of Tomorrow with this guide that covers everything you need to know in 3 minutes or less.

FASTEST Red Border Raid Farm Guide You’ve Ever Seen! – Destiny 2

The FASTEST Deep Stone Crypt Raid Farm Guide You’ve Ever Seen! – Destiny 2

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9 thoughts on “FASTEST Red Border Raid Farm Guide You've Ever Seen! – Destiny 2”

  1. “Huge drop rate buff.”

    – Shoty is a great slug to use for double slug swapping when paired with FILO/Gunnora’s+Tractor.
    – Sniper is great for killing majors and can 1 shot most enemies
    – Scout is by far the best solar pve scout in the game as well as being the only craftable one.
    – Hand cannon is one of the few truly viable 180 rpm hand cannons in the game for endgame pve.

  2. Commemoration was the only one I completed last time, Reconstruction Killing Talley is amazing. Next 3 that I want are 1. Succession 2. Trustee 3. Posterity. Succession has been my white Whale, I spent so many spoils and never got a reconstruction vorpal roll, now I can just craft it. Trustee reconstruction incandescent could possibly replace Ammit. Posterity, I like 180s, will roll voltshot and fast reload perks.


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