*NEW* Beyond Light GAMEPLAY TRAILER! – Insane New Supers! | Destiny 2

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Breakdown of the New Destiny 2: Beyond Light Gameplay Trailer! SO MANY New Abilities from the new Darkness (Stasis) Subclasses were shown off! New Grenades, New Melees, New Supers & More!
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New #Destiny2 video, going over the New Destiny 2: Beyond Light Fall Expansion Gameplay Trailer from the Xbox Series X Reveal (Xbox Games Showcase 2020)! The Upcoming Fall DLC, Destiny 2 Beyond Light, has been delayed, and the new Beyond Light Release Date is now November 10th! But today we got a ton of information from this new trailer, as it shows off so many new abilities coming with the New Subclasses included in this DLC! These appear to be some of the best subclasses in destiny 2! #Destiny2BeyondLight #Destiny2News

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22 thoughts on “*NEW* Beyond Light GAMEPLAY TRAILER! – Insane New Supers! | Destiny 2”

  1. I'd like to see character specific weapons, maybe that use the power of the character to activate.
    Imagine an exotic heavy cannon that only a Titan can use, and it's activated by using chunks of super energy.
    Something like that for each character would be amazing.


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