Destiny 2 | Beyond Light DELAYED! Fall Expansion Date Changed & New Release Schedule!

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Destiny 2 NEWS: Beyond Light DLC Delayed – NEW Fall Expansion Release Date in November! (Season 11 & DLC News)

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28 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | Beyond Light DELAYED! Fall Expansion Date Changed & New Release Schedule!”

  1. Its definitely a shame, but given whats been going on around the world recently – We're fortunate to have a medium like this to forget about it all! Can't wait for November 🙂

  2. I get why they delayed it and I don’t have a problem with that. But they should not of released preorders for purchase if they weren’t ready :/

  3. This is becoming a problem that they need to address the seasonal content is not enough to tie us over they need to go back to the drawing board on this seasonal model and find a new way to keep us engaged

  4. Bungie you IDIOTS IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS CYBERPUNK is coming out it a horrible week to release a major expansion next to the biggest game of this year the should push to December to avoid that rough market and get peoples last time this happen it killed titanfall 2. This going hurt bungie hard. Before any bungie fan say oh the fan base is bigger than cyberpunk fan base no. This game marketing is hitting hard unlike bungie. Cd project red have a huge lead with more coming yet bungie have only shown one trailer. Bungie need to increase marketing now to overshadowed Cyberpunk because in sales destiny will be hurt

  5. Yes it is disappointed that this expansion is delayed, but I don't think it's right to make the comparison to the series of events last year. The pandemic has changed everything. If you are not affected by it then I am happy for you. However, my thoughts and prayers are with the employees and I hope they stay safe during these scary times. 😷

  6. The game still will have bug in it just like it's been for every season so far. I personally believe it's suicide to release beyond light during Cyberpunk month. I want be playing as much destiny 2 over cyberpunk so this is disappointing bungie.

  7. Long as they are onset and true to the game are even if they do one of theses web streams to give us info on the y the dlc has been pushed back and what are they are doing with session of arrivals because I think it’s going to be hard to keep us busy till November the 10th .

  8. This is music to my ears. Perfect. This give us people who have a life more time to catch up. Take your time bungie, no rush. I will finally reach max light level after so many years lol.


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