Bungie ViDoc – Forged in the Storm

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light marks the beginning of the next era of Destiny and Bungie developers are here to discuss it all.

Head to Europa’s unforgiving surface where players will discover Stasis, an all-new power fueled by the Darkness.

Add to your arsenal with new weapons and gear to defeat your enemies.

The Cosmodrome returns to help shepherd and prepare New Light Guardians for the challenges they soon will face.

2020 presented many challenges at Bungie but through it all, Destiny’s best day remain ahead of it.

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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.


37 thoughts on “Bungie ViDoc – Forged in the Storm”

  1. Fuck you guys so much for making every fucking human being who purchased your game wait! Seriously fuck you! Everyone god damn game company let's you play the moment it becomes the day of but here's bungie being fucking special and making it only playable at 9 am! I'm a fucking grave shifter. I have to wait now you fuck tards!

  2. another warlock Melee exotic 🙁 bungo warlock melee isnt good why do you keep making exotics for it please give us more rift/wep focused stuff If I wanted to melee spam id play titan he didnt even kill the thrall in the demonstration 😭

  3. Always the same….. Servers down and no information…thx bungie for beeing that professionell…. How Long you are making games? And people that played and payed from day one should pay again… For what? For servers that are down…. You know how to destroy a Hype. 😐😞😞😞

  4. Seriously. Bungie. You guys are the Best at what you do. This game that you have created is nothing short of a "Masterpiece". Its finéss is so genuinely beautiful and how you create this game is amazing. Your entire team deserves everything because they are all the best. This is the best looking game I have ever seen. The entire spectrum of art from spacial design to planet design and how you coordinate specific sounds to match the vibe is so vibrant and colorful. That is the most awesome thing about what you do. Destiny is a game that is memorizing with beautiful color visuals and stunning animations. The FPS aspects are SO GOOD, the multiplayer-RPG aspects are SO GOOD. This game deserves the highest of honor. Amd so does every developer who is involved in creating the best and hottest game on the market right now. I love you all.

  5. Good job Bungo. You managed to hype up the game, took our money, but when it is time to deliver, me and so many other can't even get in the fucking game.
    Get your fucking shit together and don't tell me you didn't expect that so many people will be trying to play the game. I would expect something like this from a company that never released a game, but you people??!!!
    DOG SHIT RELEASE OF A NEW DLC and a smaller one than shadow keep at that.

  6. Scored a game for a year, decided to return and found a ban. You know, I used to respect your company, but then I was surprised when I came across a company that is no different from ordinary scammers, distributing bans for nothing to players who bought the game, while cheaters calmly play on your server, this is your new move from the company – want to ban a player for nothing – is it like a real cheater? Write what is the meaning of these bans. Maybe you want to ban the player so that they can buy your product again? For sure, I know one thing that where there is a place for scammers in hell, devils are preparing boilers with boiling lava for "Bungie" employees for such tricks.

  7. Wow. Just when you couldn't disappoint me anymore. This was at best a $15 season. Its laughable. Sunsetting? No content. Nothing was worth what you did. I am done with your game. Bye!

  8. Very good Bungo, you broke the PVP with this new subclass…. look at this mess!!! its so OP i can only laugh at it…… but i guess you need youre money after 1-2 months you guys nerf it…. i tell you something im not going to buy this ^broken beyond light^ fix balance first after this i come back for pvp….

  9. I only wish that you could actually choose the light or the dark. This narrative forces you to choose the dark. You have to… to move on. I would have liked to remain in the light and possibly get new abilities for the loyalty to the traveler. Its really nice to play on a new world – really really nice.

  10. Jesus christ guys… you should've hired the guy who made the warlock "darkness" class on reddit forever ago because the stasis super on the lock sucks gigantic dicks.. in fact all the supers on the lock blows shatter and lance were far better and more useful than slova bomb and nova broken.. vortex doesn't count cuz its always just sucked.. so many missed opportunities to create actual dark powers and you give people ice cubes lmao…. i wanna love destiny like i did in d1 but y'all just keep fuckin it up 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. So we still know next to nothing about the darkness plus Drifter and Eris were advertised to be a big part of this expansion ended up becoming background characters with little to say at all. The amount of content at launch of this dlc is abysmal because this company fails to understand the season layout and releasing content slowly throughout the month is a colossal mistake. One of the shortest campaigns in destiny history but you charged the same amount of money for it as Forsaken. Great job tricking everyone into thinking this dlc was gonna be amazing.


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