Will ACE OF SPADES Be The Best Hand Cannon in Beyond Light? (Destiny 2)

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With Beyond Light right around the corner, I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about some of my predictions for hand cannons next season. In this video I discuss why I think Ace of Spades is likely to make a big comeback, as well as a few others like Thorn and Sunshot that will be really strong.

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47 thoughts on “Will ACE OF SPADES Be The Best Hand Cannon in Beyond Light? (Destiny 2)”

  1. I started playing Destiny 2 this season. Only just bought the expansions, I am under the understanding that these weapons won't be gettable after next week. I just finished Thorn, it was a long long long grind in the crucible as a new player. Don't have it in me to do Ace of Spades before the world ends.

  2. I really miss the season 4 meta tbh, I know people complained about it being very limited and all that but to me the dichotomy between ace and the mag howl guns was perfect. Ace was an exotic that felt like a treasure when you got it and the quest was somewhat difficult (until they nerfed it) but obtainable by everyone. It was the best do it all primary in the game, arguably. But then you had the pvp oriented mag howl guns that were the challengers to ace, beating it out when in closer range. It was difficult to get since you had to run comp. Something about the ace vs mag howl meta (and all the discussions online about which was better) made for a really exciting loot chase.
    Ace has been one of my favorite guns since I got it and I'm excited at the prospect that it'll be top tier again but man, I wish that the mag howl guns could be up there too to challenge it again.

  3. On console I think TLW will be even more popular than it already is. Other than that I see a lot of vigilance wing and cold denial/redrix's broadsword in the horizon.

  4. Wait I know this sounds dumb but Iโ€™m still confused on something. Has the sandbox buffing and nerfing stuff actually happened? When I used a 150 before the sandbox and after the sandbox I didnโ€™t feel a difference.

  5. I don't know if its just me, but I found using thorn and sunshot a lot easier on console. Maybe it was just due to the insane stability on sunshot or maybe the practice and familiarity with using thorn. Ace will be good next season and will be better that the average 140 but I'm gonna stick to thorn or sunshot if I'm going for an exotic hand cannon.


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