What Is The Best Exotic For Behemoth Titan? Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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In this video we talk about the best exotics for Behemoth Titan

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31 thoughts on “What Is The Best Exotic For Behemoth Titan? Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. DO NOT USE DUNEMARCHERS ON STASIS TITAN. It makes the stasis slide SHORTER, to about a regular dunemarchers light slide, which is significantly shorter than the default stasis slide. Not sure if Antaeus Wards work the same since they also give the same dunemarchers slide distance increase to light classes, haven't tested them with the stasis slide yet. The real shame is that both our new exotic armors which clearly seem aimed at pvp, are utter shit.

  2. Is it a bug when you do Shiver strike it doesn't proc Empowered on heart of light And also is it a bug on the Titan barricade that sometimes people walk through and not take damage

  3. OEM is Great in respect that it’s useful in neutral play. Always. Each gunfight. Heart is great ability regenerator but if you’re up not constantly using abilities, you’re wasting exotic slot. And with many new weapons having Surplus, spending ability charges is impairing those weapons stats. So yeah, OEM for pvp is better i think

  4. I've been seeing a lot of to tier pvp players on my friends list/clan rocking the feedback fences recently. I've been stuck on OEM myself, but the feedbacks have become so prevalent I've been wondering if there's something there.

  5. Yeah i dont agree that a REGULAR malee or a panic malee should stop the stasis malee at alllllll… that makes no freaking sense at all…. the warlock male freezes u no matter what n the hunter throws that bs shit from any distance a freezes u. Theres no way to stop those at all yet u say that any stupid panic malee should stop the titan malee. Hell no.. they should be sent flyg w their panic malee. Thats just stupid man


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