ULTIMATE Beyond Light Prep Guide! (Destiny 2)

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This is my ULTIMATE guide on how to prep for Destiny 2 Beyond Light (release date November 10th).
Take the following steps to prepare, and you’ll be in good shape!
Claim loot from previous season: https://www.bungie.net/7/en/Seasons/PreviousSeason
DestinyRecipes Checklist: https://destinyrecipes.com/checklist
Anarchy Exotic Farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT2yvspB0HU
Tarrabah Exotic Farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZUftJLq7Yk
All Exotic Catalysts in D2 and how to get: https://www.shacknews.com/article/107747/all-exotic-catalysts-and-masterwork-upgrades-in-destiny-2
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24 thoughts on “ULTIMATE Beyond Light Prep Guide! (Destiny 2)”

  1. It would decrypt into a new year for exotic due to the fact this season if you claimed exotic engrams from last season in the season pass it did decrypt into new Exotics for this season. Just like the season before that. However this process will not work with saved exotic engrams if you save them for next season they would only decrypt into old stuff just like what happened with Destiny one when you saved engrams from a previous DLC and you try to decrypt it into something new it wouldn't work

  2. Also about bounties you didn't really talk about the main issue about saving bounties
    Originally the season we were supposed to get a major Bounty change we're basically weekly bounties were going to be removed and replaced with weekly objectives so basically to have the idea you can play how you want play what you want and you get a s*** ton of XP instead of doing bounties Non-Stop. Supposedly this change is going to happen on November 10th alongside Beyond light which means saving these bounties would not help you if anything you're going to get low amount of XP versus what we can get right at this moment. Also you're not thinking about either some of these destinations that are going to be destroyed from the darkness those bounties might not be giving you XP on November 10th. Even for that recipe prep guide they talk about to stay resources but the thing is you don't really use resources unless you are trying to buy more of those cubes for a fusion or if you're trying to buy more prisms or more ascendant shards resources really don't have a need for Infusion. With all that said all I can say is the best prep is to make sure you get everything you want to get before a lot of stuff disappears make sure all three of your characters are at max power and I'm not talking about the Pinnacle cap. Make sure you have Max glimmer. There's not really a lot you can do for prep mainly because Beyond light is basically going to be a new game I'm pretty sure they're going to have new resources new armor new weapons to Chase especially since we're getting a dungeon and a new raid. A lot of people not YouTubers but regular people who play this game for more than 2 hours a day remember have fun enjoy the game it's not a competition. Not to mention Bungie already told us that the raid it's not going to come out a week after the expansion they're going to give players a long time to get ready. I just think too many people just tries to glitch and Export stuff too much in the game to get an advantage and that s*** needs to stop

  3. Once the engram drops it’s already an actual item. Just cloaked as an engram. The rng happens as it drops from the enemy not as you decrypt it. Bungie explained this already year or 2 ago. So it’s impossible to get new season exotics from old engrams.


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