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* This is my TOP 5 BEST SIDEARMS IN DESTINY 2 FOR BEYOND LIGHT! Just my opinion!! An honorable mention goes to Drang Sidearm but did not want to add to many sidearms that’s Sunsetting next season to this list! In this video I will also go over the best God Roll Perks for both pve & pvp for each destiny 2 sidearm that I included in this video! *



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  1. The smugglers word is hands down my favourite gun in destiny 2 and they got rid of it but the travelers chosen is second in line I would have to say so while my smugglers word is sunset this will have to do in the meantime

  2. In terms of Hit Chance My Favorite Sidearm Are Vertical Orbit QSM And Devils Runin i Dont Know Why But I Seem to Have More Hit Chance With These 2 Then Most Other Sidearms.

    In Terms Of Best Stable I Like Last Hope And More Or Less Also Like Last Dance

    In Terms Of Auromatic I Like Dissonace, And Whne Dropable I Like Dead Mans, The Other Auto Sidearm Like Fools Remedy Just Fears Wearid.

    36o I Always Loved Auronoums Autum, Matter A Fact Its The Best Sidearm Ive Evr See In game.

    A 360 Replacent For Autonomous Since I Dont Have It Anymore, Im Using The Rattler Witch Is Quinte Nice, Above That i Dislike Other 360 Like The PSlice rOne I Dont Kno Why It Jus Does Not Feel Real Or SOmthing.

    On Hip Fire The Most Acurate Sidearm For SOme Reason I Had Is Travelers Chosen Damage, Also In Certain Aspect I Actually Prefer Travelers Chosen Damage.

    Now As A Bonuse On Statibility Majorly Pulse Their One I Like in Certain Situation far Better Then Last Hope or Last Dance And That Travelrs Judgment 5 The Easy Switch From Long Range And Low Statibility, To Close Range And High Stability Its Quite Nice And Impactfull, And In Certain You Can Do Hybrid, It Just Feels Nice, To Use Lol.

    In Terms of Dps In Pve I prefer Devils Ruin.

    In PvE My Old Damage Main Was Translation Theory And Matter A Fact My Favorite Sidearm of All Time I Have It With Ricochet Round Full Auto And Rampage.

    Just By That Its Been A Nice Sidearm For Offense, and Damage In pve I Managed Duplicating Or Doubaling Its Damage WIth rapage, And Other Methods Like Charge WIth Light High Enrgy Fire, Rift, Etc Its very Nice And WIth The Auotriger And Ricochet To Forgive Some Misses And Able To Kindoff Pre Fire is Quite Nice For Controling Enemis In pvp A Bit, Since Of Rochet Rounds And the Masterwork It Has QUite The Statibility, And I Really LikeHow It Looks.

    I Just Wich It Was Droppable And Not Sunseted To get A Nice Rolls For Specific Activities And Play And Welp Switch Between Them, Im Capabble Of Having Like 5 Of Them In Inventory For Difren Uses.

    Sadly I Only have One, And on Autonymous Witch i Also Used To Switch With Tranlation Depending on The Situation I Stupidly Dismantled And Welp Its Not Dropable or Recraftable Sad Really.

    i Dislike most of The New Sidearm After Beyound Light they Just Dont Feel Nice, Especially Seven Serah Just Give me Blaaahhk Throw Up Becuse Its Just Feel Like Im Shoting With paper Or Somthing Has No Wieght, No Impact, or Nice Sound.

    I Like Halfdan becuse It masive High Caliber Shotting Sound


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