Destiny 2 Beyond Light Vidoc Reaction

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The Destiny 2 Beyond Light Vidoc has left many of us still disappointing and wanting more. I break down the good, the bad, and the remaining questions about Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt and the Destiny 2 DLC.

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3 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light Vidoc Reaction”

  1. I'm not that impressed with the bad and the questions. The fact that the amount of content is murky… Isn't weird. The fact that we don't know much about loot, again not weird. What do you want? A number?

    Bungie: We put 300 new items in the game.

    And then you are going to say, how many guns how many armor set. How are the stats. Are they any good?

    I want them to keep stuff a mystery, I want to not know 80% in advance. They already gave me the 20% I need to know to decide if this is the game for me this year.


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