This WILL be a problem in Destiny 2 Beyond Light and BEYOND (Chibi Hour)

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This issue in Destiny 2 is already here, but will get way worse as Beyond Light releases and beyond.



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Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals is here, and soon Destiny 2 Beyond Light! Season 11 brought many new things, like Umbral Engrams, New Exotics, New Grandmasters, New Missions, and New Activities! Enjoy the many amazing moments in Destiny 2 through this new season as we grind through the XP of the Season Pass and Power Level. Bungie has supplied the new content, now the fun is just beginning! Enjoy many amazing moments in D2 on Xbox, PS4, and on PC! While we play PvE and PvP! Enjoy the many awesome video game moments!

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26 thoughts on “This WILL be a problem in Destiny 2 Beyond Light and BEYOND (Chibi Hour)”

  1. Here’s what I think would help balance the crucible specifically and the whole game generally:

    1. Make mountaintop exotic

    2.Make Jotunn a heavy weapon

    3.Un-nerf Not Forgotten and make it exotic

    4.Take elemental affinity off of armor

    5. Armor does not need to be sunset

    6. Let legendaries roll with high stat rolls on average (no more 48-58 rolls)

    (Everything past here is personal bias)

    7. Make spectral blades slower

    8. Give golden gun an over shield (nothing crazy)

    9. Make first of havoc shoulder charge ability on a 2-4 second cool down while in super

    10. Make DARCI an energy weapon

    11. Reduce Bastion’s range and/or damage (or give it a longer charge time)

  2. If they want people to use new armor they either need to do what monster hunter and make better armor or also do what monster hunter does and make it so that all armor can have a deprecate version that you still have to grind for that’s purely cosmetic it just doesn’t take as much as the regular armor

  3. Couldn't agree more. I've found that taking a break and then coming back to the game has put me so far back in effectiveness due to losing out on masterwork materials, seasonal mods, and even just having good stat rolls. My titan armor is made of newspaper because I haven't min-maxed enough because it's just too grindy

  4. I understand their struggle with making all mods universally available in all armor pieces, given the fact that there are dozens and dozens of mods which are only going to increase in quantity, however, shouldn’t some of that struggle be lifted off with the next gen stuff?

    Armor 2.0 and the entire mod system needs an overhaul.
    Vault space needs to be increased and sectioned off like it was in D1. Don’t lump everything together like the contents of a garbage bag.

    It’s so annoying how much potential bungie STILL has with destiny and they still don’t maximize on all the things they can achieve with this game, and yeah they’ve had enough time since their breakup with activision let that shit go already.

  5. Complaining about an armour system that has been in the game for a full year and was loved by a substantial portion of the community (and still is) is laughable in my opinion. The reason they did it all tied to armour is clear. In D1 everyone rolled for intellect/discipline and for armour/recovery because your melee and your mobility were pretty much useless so you had guys with max stats in both int/dis and as high as you could go in armour/Rec. The system is more balanced now, meaning you have to lose things to gain things of benefit for the most part, its very unlikely to be able to roll 3 stacks of 100 in stats, and impossible to do it for 4 (which you could pretty much be guaranteed to be able to get in D1. As for sunsetting, we will have had almost 2 full seasons worth of grind leading up to beyond lights launch to grind for gear (almost all of my high stat rolled gear hasn't come from the recaster). Last season had no artifical incentive to grind for loot, no sunsetting, no real reason for it and people got tired of the season quickly. If you play comp PvP (Trials, Banner or Comp Playlist) you understand why the gear being the way it is and sunsetting matters, if you are a day 1 Raid guy or dungeon guy you also understand why that is in the game, it places everyone on a level playing field when the new expansion starts because it means that if you have a week off for the release you can very feasibly grind for the same amount of time as a Gladd or Sweatsicle and have a shot (an albeit small one) at a Worlds first. Of all the new things coming with beyond light this really ain't the one to go at over everything else.

  6. Complaining about grinding & sunsetting seems like y’all didn’t play D1. D2 is made the casual player which makes destiny’s a joke now. I think sunsetting makes the game better by having to grind the new content out to get new weapon & gear. D2 rn is lame there really isn’t any grind because everyone has been using the same shit since the game came out or just shit that bungie puts in the game that’s OP. I miss the D1 days

  7. You need more than 1000 vault space for armor lol? Also you run nightfalls for exotics. I'm sure once dlc is all said and done the last few seasons will allow any mod. I think everyone feels the pain of 'rarely' getting good stuff but that's why people play destiny if there was nothing to get why would anyone play? Obviously it's all marketing, if they can keep us grinding for stuff then more likely we are to buy season pass, ornaments, emotes, , etc. Not really taking bungies side but you can't knock them for trying to compete with all these other developers making waaay more money just by making skins… *cough fortnite cough* it does however give hardcore players something to do. Most players are fine without perfect setups because you don't need god rolls for anything in the game

  8. I have sooo much armor because of the moronic system of class specific and then seasonal mods only being useful on matching seasonal armor +1. Then the slap in the face sunsetting …. I haven't mw any armor piece since they said it will be sunsetted. I now just play trying to finish old quests and help others do the same.
    Can the efers at bungie at least open up seasonal mods to fit ANY following season. A bonus would be any normal arc/solar/void simply becomes a class free mod. Then I can delete a truly massive amount of armor across all my characters

  9. To me as a Destiny player but also an MMO player and for ages both Bungie and players like to compare and call themselves basically an MMO…well guess what in every MMO weapons and armor are replaced every raid tier…the grind is the reason MMOs have longevity…so now you have to do what so many others do in any other game that is built to resemble an MMO style of progression

  10. I have support D2 since the beginning, and I have never let them fall. Buying everything, expansion, some ornement, pre-order everything I can. Playing the game every night, doing d1 raid, donjon, exotics quest .. etc
    But I have stopped bcs bungie doesn’t care anymore if they one day even care about all of this, about their community, about their tryhard who make them lives !
    We are milk cow 🐄 to their eyes. The farm will never end, armor stat god roll, you will have to re-acquire everything all over again and this every 3 months.
    They want to suppress my collection ? Let them do it I will suppress THEIR GAME

  11. It feels like another work to do, and not to HAVE FUN, sure grinding is a part of every game, plus for every thing you're grinding for you're taking a big risk of it being nerfed to the ground or removed like hives/fallen/taken mods, tbh to me the game is not fun anymore even though I've been playing for a year and a half (yeah i know..), i just want to shoot some aliens and have fun and use cool stuff, plus the community nag so much so bungie listens to them and they nerf stuff so you can't use them and have fun with them anymore (especially those the ones that nag in PvE) i mean come on bro if you see something op in PvE don't start bitching about it let the people have fun with the thing, if it's too much for you seeing people using it, open a fire team and put on rule on forbidden using the thing, I'm really sad and mad about the point the game has come to because i loved it and cared about it, it's one of the most enjoyable games i have ever played i just want it to be fun 🙁

    Don't be like me, if you're looking for a game where you want to be dominate and have fun and (in pve) then this is not the game for you, play Doom instead or something else


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