The Truth About Destiny 2 Before Beyond Light:

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Beyond Light is going to be huge for Destiny 2! But before it launches, we have a major dry spell. Don’t burn out trying to grind a game that doesn’t have content! #destiny2 #beyondlight
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38 thoughts on “The Truth About Destiny 2 Before Beyond Light:”

  1. 'Not everyone knows everything about this game' Too right! I came back after ditching the game during Warmind only when Beyond Light was announced. I havnt done Spire of Stars, Crown of Sorrow, Last Wish or Garden of Salvation yet, not done ANY of the Dungeons, most of the Dreaming City is largely untouched by me so far. Ive been busting my ass completing everything going away and grinding triumphs. Need to look for some teachers for the other raids soon. Its nice seeing a few more people starting to teach for people who need to complete stuff, but it still isnt a lot of people from what ive seen. A little annoying

  2. Well said dude, attitudes are very fickle in the community and usually the most outspoken people are the ones who have negative comments. I can understand that feeling because generally you want to validate how you are feeling by having people agree with how you feel so then negativity breeds more negativity. 1 v 1 me mtashed and let’s see who’s trash 🤣….

  3. Fam, straight facts bruh!!! My buddy just started playing a couple of weeks ago and I can tell he is having fun playing. He HATES FPS games. Destiny 2 is the only thing he has been playing since he started a few weeks ago. As much as it sucks for me to grind out all the content like the story missions again, it's fun playing the game with him.

    Oh and buying bicycles to go riding with the wife has been one of the best ideas. Just gotta get my kiddo one too.

  4. I haven't played in over a month, and I still don't have the urge to return. I heard about the new solice event, and realized the event consists of replaying old content…again. I dunno if I'll get that feeling of wanting to come back since I started playing another game

  5. I’m still having a pretty good time playing a few hours a night. Hopping on after class and knocking out some prophecy dungeons for random rolled armor or knocking out some master nightfalls for exotics is fun and enjoyable to me. But if I burn out before beyond light, I’ll just take a break. Still have some assassins creed games to play anyway

  6. mtashed, I'd like to see what you think about the truthteller. I've been using it lately and its almost as strong as using mountaintop lmao, and it aint getting sunset so I wanted to see what you think about breechloadeds still being what they are after beyond light

  7. Beyond Light needs to be great.

    Shadowkeep was nothing short of a dumpster fire. It was awful. One of the most pitiful and pathetic pieces of content they've ever released. And the majority of their seasons have been even worse. Destiny 2 hasn't been great since Forsaken. Maybe Season of Opulence. But it's been awful for well over a year at this point, closer to two years.

  8. "You're hyped for Beyond Light"

    Oh, my sweet child. You have no idea how disappointed, how unwelcoming and how frustrating it is for me to even grasp the notion of buying the DLC just for another let down. I pass, and I hope any smart player can do the same for this game. While the game has potential, unfortunately it is plagued with a diastrous management and a pathetic excuse for microtransaction restock every season and event.

    "But Revenant, the events were all cool!!!" – Check season 10…
    "But the Cosmetics are not invasive!!!" – they sell boosters as dust sink for newcomers. And they charge exhorbitant prices for emotes, and shaders, and ornaments, and even ships.

  9. New trailer was laughable had dungeon that's meant to be going so that's fucked and also was 90% PvP footage what we have had since D1 game won't change be same bounty grind. Too many ppl have had it with bungie, my friend bought every item in eververse was most dedicated player ibsqw had all seals in game and he is done with destiny he hates it he don't care for beyond light and alot of clans feel the same everywhere

  10. Everyone has stopped playing destiny in season of the worthy any players we got back from shadowkeep we lost again in season of the worthy they won't return for beyond light the games dying and bungie don't care

  11. Find multiple hobbies, catch up on some TV shows, hangout with some friends but don't be negative and bring people down. If you want to play the game but don't have anything to work on then join a Facebook group and find some new players so you can help them out along with the fireteam page on the companion app there's always people needing help. And you'll make some new friends. And helping people can be fun. I personally will be taking a break from d2 with the exception of when someone in my d2 Facebook group or my clan needs help.

  12. All these kids complaining about the delays between content makes me think of the good ole D1 days when we had nothing new from September to April in year 2 and 3. The best part of that break was getting to play other games for half a year before we got new content, the breaks give you a break, so please give me a break with the complaining and play something else.

  13. Still remember when i played lfg leviathan i used a heal grenade as warlock all 5 players was freaking out because they didnt know about it and that happened in this season. I was like yea understandable i had 700 hours and didnt really play anything else then well of radiance or nova bomb then i found icarus dash and now i got 600 hours more but with icarus dash.

  14. Hey new player here, we exist and we appreciate it, even the videos where there might already be like 10 guides, having a current one is helpful because in the end we new players don't know if something is outdated or not, how would we. so seeing a video that came out recently be it a guide or discussing how good a weapon might be is appreciated.


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