Destiny 2 – NEW HUNTER VANGUARD VENDOR – Beyond Light Memes

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Destiny 2 NEW HUNTER VANGUARD VENDOR Beyond Light Memes
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37 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – NEW HUNTER VANGUARD VENDOR – Beyond Light Memes”

  1. Lol the crazy thing about it the games been delayed so you cant tell me they didnt have enough time to come up with new weapons instead of this reskined garbage I love the game but it just seems like its getting repetitive you know like dunking balls at every seasonal event guess im saying im tired of reheating leftovers and forcing myself 2 eat them 🤪🤪🤪

  2. Bungie has a lot to prove they can produce content. They are failing or this game is no longer there main project. They are just throwing crap together with no pride in there work. Horrible

  3. Hell yea the re-skins bug the crap out of me.. seriously they are charging $50 for an expansion that probably isn't that big, then they say "new" weapons from the ground up will be obtainable and they're literally same weapons from past seasons with a fancy cloth wrapped around them. New content should mean new content. Not "A TURD WRAPPED IN TOILET PAPER". That's pretty much all it is. I certainly don't play everyday like I used to because of these reasons. Again and again new content is the same crap with minimal changes. Seriously how hard can it be for bungie to release new content?

  4. When they nerfed The whisper of the worm after all of that hard work it turned me off destiny 2 and borderlands 3 they can't get no more money out of me I think I'm done with the looter shooters especially the whisper of the worm that broke my heart bad 💔 I grind so hard for that weapon and they just turned around and nerfed it

  5. I am free I can't stress that enough from borderlands 3 I felt like I needed to play that damn game because I pre-ordered it now I don't have to feel like that now😆😆😆

  6. Yes I was a day one player of destiny 2 I got the scars to prove it I even got the pre-order bonus the cold heart for the cold hard whatever it's called but I have it on a hard reminder that I brought a crappy destiny 2 game 😭😭😭😭

  7. ground up my arse lol i see what you mean by reskins now the other 4 weapons you should 2 of which i know of and as for new hunter vangaurd from the ground up i mean up that is true cos that hunter at 5:06 is clearly cayde-6 who is in the ground

  8. Why is it OK when the black hammer, a weapon that is already based off another sniper's model, gets reused and changed 3 times but not OK when another sniper with the same conditions gets the same treatment? seems kinda like double standards to me?


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