The Existential Horror of the Deep Stone Crypt

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I analyze the lore of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt Journal and the origins of the Exos. There crypt contains many secrets, horrors, and existential dread which I find fascinating.

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The most terrifying creatures in the destiny universe are not its fantastical monsters or aliens, but something closer to home. To me, the story of the Exos and the place they were born, the deep stone crypt, is the single most unnerving series of events the franchise has to offer. These horrors are not shown on screen, contained to supplemental text in the lore for the Beyond Light expansion so many may not even be aware of their existence, a criminal act of neglect. Come with me as I venture deep into the crypt and expose its secrets.

Special thank you to my girlfriend Kate for reviewing the script for this video and helping me redesign my channel logo.

Video Chapters:
Introduction – 0:00:00
Exos – 0:01:08
Clovis Bray – 0:05:45
Deep Stone Crypt – 0:09:24
Stasis – 0:11:15
Early Exos – 0:21:42
The Vex – 0:26:21
Exominds – 0:48:33
The Teletransporation Paradox – 0:53:33
Exobodies – 1:14:07
Identity – 1:28:42
Consciousness and Memory – 1:32:41
Legacy – 1:45:21
The True Horror of the Deep Stone Crypt – 1:50:42

Footnotes: I am massively oversimplifying things for a broad audience in the Identity section of the video so be aware that this is intended as an introductory version of the topics discussed while maintaining some of the important nuances that are often omitted from the discussion.
This also applies to the physics topics I mention in the Stasis section.
In the consciousness section, I don’t mean to imply that it is unhealthy to have multiple distinct personalities in your brain, merely express that I find the change in my brain unsettling because I lived into adulthood with that reality even though it was healing to no longer need my denial mask.

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