Teawrex Reacts: Bungie Reveal – The Future of Destiny 2

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Co-Stream of the Bungie Reveal for Destiny 2’s newest expansion, Beyond Light, and the new Season of The Arrival.

Bungie lays out some of the details for their new expansion coming out this fall on Sept. 22, 2020 and gives us a glimpse at future expansions, The Witch Queen and Lightfall.

Bungie also shows off what the new season has to offer with the continuation of the story, missions, and a dungeon for guardians to sink their teeth into. Season of the Arrival is out today, June 9, 2020.


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24 thoughts on “Teawrex Reacts: Bungie Reveal – The Future of Destiny 2”

  1. This video was re-upload due to a slight technical issue with the previous upload and a small portion of it had to be cut out. Still, if you watched the previous upload, I would like to thank you for taking the time to watch it and hope you have a fantastic day. <3

  2. Calling it now: All 3 future Expansions will be somehow focus to the birthplaces of Humanity's species:

    Beyond light: Deep stone crypt, birth place of the Exo.

    The Witch Queen: Distributary, birth place of the Awoken and and the place Savathun tries to enter.

    Lightfall: battle of Light and Darkness on new location on Earth, where humans originated.

  3. Doesn't know if it's darkness…it literally says "Wield the Darkness" during the game play trailer…smh
    Great reaction nonetheless but I get irked when people don't pay attention and then ask questions for answers that have already been given.

  4. What I think will happen is the new subclasses of darkness will corrupt guardians with the power which will lead to us as players choosing a side for the game, as in going beyond wielding the darkness as a weapon and choosing if we want to fight for the good cause or fight for the evil side or something along those lines. Also in my opinion the name Lightfall suggests this theme as well as when Lightfall came when the stranger says in the background "A side should always be taken, even if it's the wrong side." That to me foreshadows an evil side of guardians coming. Probably totally wrong about this one but hey just an idea anyway…

  5. I love that they used that time to talk about systematic racism and how to take action on preventing attacks like that in the future. Bungie is a real class act for that.


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