Destiny 2 Triumphs & Seals REMOVED in Beyond Light – Destiny 2 News (TWAB)

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Here’s what you need to know about Destiny 2 Triumphs and Seals. Enjoy This Week At Bungie News!

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50 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Triumphs & Seals REMOVED in Beyond Light – Destiny 2 News (TWAB)”

  1. I wouldn't mind seeing them having a little more fun with triumphs and seals. It feels like they are incredibly generic and easy or ridiculous time consuming and tedious. There's no middle ground.

  2. I’m normally pretty lax about vaulting, but this makes me feel frustrated and helpless. I spent hours scouring the system for lore, I cranked out Marasenna by dedicating my existence to the dreaming city for 6 weeks, and now I’m being denied Chronicler all because I simply can’t fight the clock with Truth To Power.

  3. I mean if your a casual player these titles isnt even that important but if your hardcore player probably it doesnt really bother me that they are removing titles they dont really impress that much even having multiple titles or hard ones plus unlike WoW titles Destiny 2 Titles are just like chores they really dont reward you that much after completing them they just kinda give you simple task to get these titles which is kinda boring i would rather do something very hard to earn a title or a challenging task and earn a title.

  4. Me: ugh I don't really have a reason to grind other then maybe titles bungie what do you got
    Bungie: we are taking out titles and thrumpihs
    Me: …..why don't you want me to play your game why do you keep pushing me away

  5. I don't like how just because elements of Wayfarer are being removed, the entire seal is unattainable. I have everything in Wayfarer but the Ascendant Challenge emblem, but if I hadn't known to start going for them now, my effort towards the seal would be all for naught even though the only thing I need is still in the game. I hope they change this, because this seems negligent and sloppy.

  6. This is blantently fake news the twab siad it would get rid if the ability to get previous seals that would be from vaulted content this is not different then seasonal / conquer seals plus ther not gone forever some may comeback in the future pus there are a few new ones in beyond light too.


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