Subclass Tuning, Expansion Sizes, & Vendor Refresh (REALITY CHECK) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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Today we give a reality check on a few topics: Subclass Tuning, Expansion Sizes, and Vendor Refresh. I wanted to give me thoughts on all of these, as the monetization of Destiny 2 really influences this. We also go into detail about Subclass Tuning and Nova Warp.
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00:00 Intro
00:16 Subclass Tuning/NovaWarp
04:02 Expansion Sizes (Forsaken Benchmark)
07:30 Vendor Refresh (Probably never..)
09:48 Outro

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31 thoughts on “Subclass Tuning, Expansion Sizes, & Vendor Refresh (REALITY CHECK) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. They are deleting half of the paid contents from the game, forsaken and its season pass deserved every single dollar we paid, great weapons a lot of exotics, but man shadowkeeps and its new seasons mode is just very poor for what we paid and those helly bounties every week, no more long quests for weapons like luna or ace of spade, thorn, last words inazagi, what the hell bungie you could at least reintroduce weapons and quests from destiny 1.

  2. Hey guys is there anyone of you willing to help me getting outbreak before the new expansion? I haven't played in a WHILE and you can see that in my loadout (no pinnacles at all).
    To that I live on Germany so the time zones would be also something to keep in mind but if there's anyone of you who could me, I would more than just appreciate that.
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Free to play is just bullshit. I don’t care what anyone says. If you can’t afford a $59 game and a occasional $20 expansion that’s on you. That’s CHEAP in today’s world.

  4. Theres no excuse for no vendor refresh. Throwing weapons in a vendor is not difficult for bungie. This game should not be free to play. Theres absolutely no point. You cant play the game seriously as a free player. Its pathetic that the players who pay are the ones who suffer. The game keeps cutting shit out and simplifying everything. Bring back skeleton keys. We are in year 4 and theres barely any strike specific loot. That is a joke. Destiny 1 had a vendor refresh with every expansion. All they do is strip the game down. Thats all d2 has done to the franchise.

  5. Loath the idea you gave tbh, i'm not a f2p player but i been in that position in other games and that idea of weapons locking after a x amount of hours is a terrible terrible idea, no vendor resets is players friendly for them and the monitization Bungie already has seems more than enough if you ask me.

  6. Top tree nightstalker has great neutral game but a shitty super in pvp, tether should be faster to activate. Not to mention that sometimes people just walk by it without getting tethered or just fly away (warlocks and titans) like nothing happens to them.
    Blade barrage is super inconsistent as hell, to hit someone to the face just to have them survive and kill you sucks.
    Chaos reach should kill faster, so many classes need a buff or being looked at… Looking at you top tree dawnblade and sprectal blades…

  7. I'm glad I don't play D2 anymore… Its seasonal content/formatting leaves much to be desired. Additionally, with sunsetting and wholesale removal of content coming in, there is little reason to stick with the game. To be sure, I had an absolute blast playing D2, but I'm not confident in Bungie's ability to release substantive content. There are serious problems with PvP and PvE, and part of it is driven by PvP and PvE sharing an ecosystem. Simply put, Bungie is consistently looking for band-aid solutions, rather than implementing solutions that would be healthier for the game in the long run.

  8. I mean if Microsoft bought them just like they did with Bethesda maybe they would have a better budget to work with but the chances of that happening are slim. A downside to that as well would be that it would screw over PlayStation owners . I mean if they can increase the size of each expansion a certain amount each year to get closer to Forsaken size that would be fine.

  9. Your what if changes to nova warp, speak more to the fact that I think void and possibly the other two energies need a kind of more obvious or consecutive reworking.. example that stasis has the 2 phases of the reaction I.e, slow then freeze.
    I think void needs to react and respond definitely rather than just purple color versions or arc and solar

  10. Great point about why we probably wont get big vendor refreshes.I hope they find a reason or way to do that more. Vendor refreshes are my favorite. Who doesnt love new loot??

  11. Forsaken got me back into the game and I continued up until season of opulence and just didnt feel like i got my moneys worth with those weird seasons so i stopped playing and really considering playing beyond light but im waiting it out

  12. Bungie has a net worth of more than 2 billion dollars I don't want a huge dlc like forsaken i want decent amount of content and I don't want to pay around 70 dollars a year to bearly have something to do for a year

  13. at this point in destiny it just feels like by buying the game I'm funding those who play for free. all that the $40 expansion includes is really the new subclasses, the campaign, and the raid if I just don't buy the game I still get Europa a lot of the new guns and weapons so outside of the raid after the first week beating the campaign 3x unless I'm using stasis my experience is nearly identical

  14. Not sure why everyone wants a weapon vendor refresh. I'm more concerned about them sun setting too many weapon archetypes/elements. Sun setting the pinnacle I understand, but why sunset things like erentil, are they bringing in a new void fusion rifle with the same archetype? And if so why not just update erentil.
    This is just one example, but I'm sure there are many more.
    And in some end game content you're almost forced to use certain weapons with certain elements (for things like match game and champions)


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