SeriousMoeMadden's Live PS4 Broadcast playing Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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I’m a gamer and rapper in the mixing I’m NATIVE AMERICAN of the ISANTI PEOPLE in SANTEE NEBRASKA and of mahkato Minnesota I’m 20 years old I play varsity football and basketball soccer and baseball softball and volleyball and hockey and lacrosse and I go to MANKATO east COUGARS high school in MANKATO Minnesota and I am a super senior till I am 25 years old and I LOVE music and SPORTS VIDEO games and movies and popcorn and piano and pizza and soda and wine and vaping and I LOVE artwork and ANIMALS and I LOVE drawing and painting and writing and my insta:1tsg00dt0b31ndigenous and my intsa:nat1v3_pr1d3_aim1862 and my tiktok:sageblueraven0 and my fb:Wahpehota Thornton Allen and my intsa:Embryonicfir286 and insta:sagerave1992 👻s_blueraven2019


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