New Power Caps, Progression changes, and Spider Inventory (TWAB) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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Lots and I mean LOTS of changes listed in this week’s TWAB. This includes New Power Caps, Progression changes, an a new inventory coming to Spider.

00:00 Intro
01:16 Roadmap
01:38 Progression Changes
02:47 Powerful Changes
03:50 Token Changes
05:19 Economy Changes
06:36 Bounty Changes
07:15 Season Pass Changes
08:59 Spider Changes
11:10 Sparrow/Ghost Changes
12:13 Eververse
12:45 World Activities going away
13:18 Destiny 2 Down Time
14:17 Luke Smith interview BREAKDOWN

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32 thoughts on “New Power Caps, Progression changes, and Spider Inventory (TWAB) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. @Aztecross hey bro do you know if the postmaster will be emptied would be nice to know if my 30 ascendant shard golfballs and other enhancement prisms etc will vanish from postmaster at start of new season as game is getting a fresh install ?

  2. Come on man. So many simple mistakes that they continue to make. Why no weapon refresh? Why no armor/weapon refresh for trials? Why no planetary refresh? Why the core and shard changes? Why the hand cannon change? I get COVID makes things difficult, but ever since D2 came out, they continue to make mistakes that were things we always got in D1. My love for the game has declined massively over the last year, barely played this current season and was hoping Beyond Light would bring me back. It’s looking very rough right now. I love bungie and love the universe they’ve created, just so many simple issues that are easy fixes. They also keep banking seasons on one or two things. Trials, reckoning, stasis etc. stop banking seasons on one or two things Bungie, please.

  3. BD changes sucks for us, hardcore players. But I'm guessing the overall BD acquisition across the total player base will actually increase. That's probably what Bungo balanced on.

  4. If these "reissued" weapons from vendors are just going to be the same weapons that we have currently with the same rolls, but with a new sunset number (like how weapons such as gnawing hunger or arsenic bite are now), Im gonna have to side with Eramis.

    Really hoping that the weekly bounty bright dust drop is a type or something, because halving them doesn't sit right.

  5. i have a question tho, do you think beyond light is ACTUALLY worth the 40-50 dollars they charge for it? like objectively. amount of content-wise and stuff, not based on like the hype or how cool it's gonna be, etc.

  6. Always love watching cross and his twab videos. There is always a moment when he rages but I love it.
    Also me with over 2500 enhancement cores and around 25k legendary shards…yeh boiiii I’m rich AF 😂😂😂😂

  7. Have they ever addressed WHY we have a limited amount of space for quests? I never though i’d be so irritated by my game telling me I can’t access content because I’m at my “limit”….

  8. NGL, they should decrease the armor drop rate. It’s annoying trying to farm a dire and getting 15 armors before I get one dire(sometimes even a gun), and when I finally get one, it’s not even a good roll or doesn’t better my current one.

  9. I disagree with how planetary materials are going to be worth less after Beyond Light launches. The planets are getting the pyramid meat hammer and those materials are going to be extremely rare. Bungie that's not how supply and demand works. Lol!

  10. "I cant wait to get my Spare Rations ornament after Spare Rations has just been sunset" literally me lmao. I had stopped playing d2 during those seasons so I had never got the ornament. Kind of pointless to get it now that the gun will be irrelevant in anything that matters :l

  11. I dislike that they're only refreshing armour like I'm okay with the smaller expansion size, I don't like it but I'm okay with it. But the weapon refreshes were one of thgd best parts of D1 seeing new weapons with new stats different stats. Every gun is staring to feel the same in D2 maybe I'm just a fuck off but I can't tell the difference anymore.

  12. Aztecross! I thought u were wise… but u completely failed to realize the kick in the nuts Bungie gave us in this Bright dust NERF! The 10k bright dust from the season pass could be attainable and MORE in only 3 resets from grinding weeklies… thats the only thing I would do on content droughts and now NOT ONLY did they HALF the Bright dust we can get but now its even more of a chore to grind all 3 characters for those of us that looked forward to the 1200 bright dust per character can now look forward to getting HALF the rewards for the SAME grind and u can bet I hate the idea of playing hunter and warlock for 600 less bright dust every week. The game is already boring af when I don't play on titan ffs

  13. I’m guessing that we get another darkness subclass before witch queen. I’m guessing lightfall is going to be the end of d2, since that is also when game [REDACTED] comes out from bungie, and I feel like they would want to have more content after their subclasses to play


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