Must have Grenade Launchers for BEYOND LIGHT | Destiny 2 | Blinding and Concussion Grenades Guide!

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In this video, we take a look at some of the best utility weapons in the game. Blind and concussion grenades can completely disable your opponents and help you in endgame content. Wendigo has been a popular choice for just this, but with sunsetting Wendigo will not be able to reach higher light. We examine the ONLY heavy Grenade launcher that can do what Wendigo once did. We also examine the timing, damage, and more between blinding grenades, concussion grenades, and spike nades. This will help you get ready for Beyond Light.

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19 thoughts on “Must have Grenade Launchers for BEYOND LIGHT | Destiny 2 | Blinding and Concussion Grenades Guide!”

  1. Truthteller. Auto Loading. Disruption Break. Blinding Grenades. It’s absolutely amazing. I use it as often as I can in GM Nightfalls because the ads get stunned for 5 full seconds. It works great on the tougher non-champion enemies. I wish mine had a better masterwork… Blast Radius should be completely removed from breach load grenade launchers.

  2. hopefully, people grabbed "THE QUEENBREAKER" when xur sold it cause it can blind just need to hit them and its a fusion rifle so and takes up an exotic slot, but ppl should get this nade launcher cause of FG getting nerfed this might be nice to have for harder content

  3. Hey so the berengers memory is a decent dps weapon with hard launch, spike grenades, QuickDraw ( this will be important later ) and auto loading holster just have truth teller shoot it and swap to berengers and do some damage

  4. Based on your numbers I’m not sure how any Guardian can justify equipping the heavy GL when the damage output is lower than the energy GL on a grenade by grenade basis. Maybe DPS is higher but single damage is lower.


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