Full Destiny 2 Beyond Light reveal (Xbox gameplay trailer)

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Bungie shows off a first look at Destiny 2: Beyond Light, a new game comig out for the Xbox Series X, November 10.


9 thoughts on “Full Destiny 2 Beyond Light reveal (Xbox gameplay trailer)”

  1. What I wanna know is, they say it's going to be on gamepass…. optimized 60 fps for xbox, in sept? Correct me if I'm wrong, sept isnt release date for series x, didnt Bungo publicly promised us that they did not"hinder performance" because no current gen [xbox one x] was not capable of running d2 @60fps??

  2. Does anyone have a Destiny One account they don’t want anymore? I love Destiny and want SRL gear but I have no way of getting it any longer, I just want it to speedrun and for aesthetics, please message me!


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