Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Iceflare Bolts Stasis Aspect & Unlocking Fragments! (Shadebinder Gameplay)

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Here’s a look at the final moments before acquiring the first Stasis Aspect, Iceflare Bolts. It’s a pretty awesome Aspect that resembles the effects of the Coldsnap Grenade and honestly is quite strong especially when paired with a few of the fragments and grenades available in the subclass, not sure how many more of these are out there but I’ll be sure to hunt them down!

Now as for the fragments these are basically like mods but for your subclass and some are pretty strong, I didn’t know which one to go for so I just went with what suited me best for now, but any and all of them will work for pretty much any build, depending on what you prefer.

Well yeah that’s about it really haha, there’s some gameplay showing off the Fragment I chose and also the Aspect in action!
Let me know what you think of the ability and what Fragment you’ll be choosing first?

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23 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Iceflare Bolts Stasis Aspect & Unlocking Fragments! (Shadebinder Gameplay)”

  1. I finished the beyond light campaign as my Warlock last night, I gotta say, it was pretty touching about how concerned our ghost was when it came to wielding Stasis.

    Just a thought about next year’s expansion about the possibility about getting another darkness subclass, I can picture the dialogue like this between our guardian and ghost (This is just a joke, please don’t take me seriously).

    Our Guardian: You trust me, right?
    Our Ghost: I do.

  2. Just want to call attention to his grenade energy as he shatters frozen targets. I.e. the aspect has a hidden ability to refill energy with every frozen kill.

    This will be ridiculous with Whisper of Hedrons and Whisper of Bonds, even more so with a demolitionist weapon. Supers and grenades for days with near infinite buffed weapon damage.


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