Destiny 2 | YOU NEED THESE MODS! For Beyond Light & Year 4 – MUST HAVE!

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BEST ARMOR MODS in Destiny 2! Best Mods for Season 12, Fall DLC, Best Mods for Beyond Light & Year 4, How To Get, Warmind Cells & Charged with Light Mods!

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00:00 – Intro
01:06 – Mod Changes
03:13 – Protective Light
04:34 – Powerful Friends
05:31 – High Energy Fire
06:28 – Power of Rasputin & Warminds Protection
07:38 – Outro



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31 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | YOU NEED THESE MODS! For Beyond Light & Year 4 – MUST HAVE!”

  1. It's time to talk Mods! Some BIG changes coming in Season 12, here we re-cap those changes, but also some of the MUST HAVE Mods you need going into Beyond Light! <3

  2. I will be running Power of Rasputin, Healing Cells and Wrath of Rasputin (for specific solar weapons and abilities) w taking charge and high energy fire right out of the gate… I'm excited for beyond light… not gonna lie I'm upset about armaments going away tho

  3. I like all the mods you mentioned. I also recommend Stacks on Stacks, Supercharged, Fireteam Medic, and
    Cellular Suppression. I like global reach for how cheap it is as a Warmind Mod, but I prefer Warmind's Longevity. Longevity extends the duration of the effects that Warmind's Protection, Power of Rasputin, and Cellular Suppression provide. Fireteam Medic is an endgame favourite of mine because whenever I destroy one of the cells, it's a free, long-range wave of healing that my entire Fireteam gets just for being near to the destroyed cell.

  4. I used a build for my solo flawless of Prophecy which used all Warmind mods. It’s comforting to know that this build won’t be leaving, unlike my Taken mods. But this build made my life so much easier(protection, power, longevity, global reach, and now I’ll use grasp or something since I have a 5th open slot on account of Taken mods being unusable outside of LW, so I’ll probably use either Grasp or something else since I don’t know most of the Warmind mods. Might use Cellular Suppression for suppression and blindness….)

  5. For Protective Ligth 4 stacks is around 15 seconds. You can get more than 2 stacks with Super Charged (2 stacks 5 points) and Charged Up (1 stack 2 points). I think you can have up to 5 stacks according to Super Charged text but I think one of those is enough for GM depending if you can allocate 5 or 2 points. Both mods are solar.


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