Destiny 2 – Will Uldren Return in Beyond Light (Uldren on the Cosmodrome?)

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Uldren Sov’s story has seemingly come to a halt. I think this would be an incredible opportunity to see Bungie surprise us and essentially bring the whole Uldren Story full circle.

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41 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – Will Uldren Return in Beyond Light (Uldren on the Cosmodrome?)”

  1. I mean it would be cool but our character clearly hates him and sure he is kinda different now but you really wouldn't help him replace the man he killed that triggered you to kill him in the first place. That would be all kinds of silly

  2. God if we do see him I hope we smack the sh*t out of him before we talk to him and he explains him self😂
    Also if we get the cosmodrome I want the old tower back you showing the first tower clips gives me chills and makes me cry😭

  3. GOD DAMNIT NovemberHotel. Don't give me hope. As soon as you said we also getting the old cosmodrone back I instantly thought of that cut scene. I just hope Bungie pulls this one off. They got a great set up that no one is thinking about.

  4. I know about the vanguard dare, and that uldren qualifies for the position because of it, but I don't think that anyone in the game would let him have that posistion. I still don't like old Uldren for what he did, but I know he doesn't remember anything of his past life now, so I won't hold it against the new Uldren.
    Just because he fulfilled the vanguard dare in his past life doesn't mean he should be the new hunter vanguard though. He is still a relatively new guardian with little experience as one (2 years of living like crap), and the vanguard needs to be seen as a competent force that people can follow. Most people won't forgive him and we don't need a leader most people don't trust.

  5. if he came to the tower i dont think ikora could face him, zavala could most likely look at him but with disgust but also maybe understands about the fact that this is a new life for him.

  6. I think you forgot that one part in forsaken when we, you know, FUCKING KILLED HIM.

    Oh he was revived. Still, he probably won't return. And the stupid robot voice was a beta cutscene, idk why everybody thinks he's gonna talk like that.

  7. As a guardian, he is one of us now. It would be really cool if we actually helped the new light Aldren. He is a guardian of the light, and possibly the hunter vanguard we have been looking for. Maybe Bungie will totally blindside us and have us as "the guardian" befriend him.

  8. They will first have to remove 60% of game to make room for him. I believe if they removed the whole game except for pvp some players would still remain and probably defend Bungie for doing it.

  9. This is an opportunity for Uldren to be referred to as “The Crow” as his guardian name because he would most likely refuse to be associated with his past life.

  10. It’s not gonna happen but MAN it’s a golden opportunity to bring back that scrapped story but the speaker is dead lol could sub him out I guess idk but it would be cool


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