Destiny 2 – Will I Play Beyond Light?

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Beyond Light is less than a month away releasing on November 10th. There’s reason to be excited, and still very many reasons to be cautious. Xbox Gamepass has made the decision a little easier…



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23 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – Will I Play Beyond Light?”

  1. It being on Gamepass is now starting to worry me. Why would they be giving it to free for those with it? Is there something maybe lacking? I will be glad to play new content, but if its close to Shadowkeep I will be sad. The closer it is to feeling like Foresaken the better it'll be. We all want it to be something so much more but they will need help to get it to feel like forsaken again. I wish Microsoft would just buy them but give them 100% independence, just as a financial and development assistant. They would be so much better. No exclusives nothing, maybe give all dlc and such to gamepass, and gamepass for pc.

  2. Bet yall right now, Its just gonna be taken king 2.0 with ice😂😂 dont fall for this again bro. Bungie will always be bungo. Id rather play cyberpunk2077 than this repetitive manipulation game smh

  3. Personally I am excited to play on Europa but I am not going to play the dlc, just because ever since D2 was release almost every expansion was too short for me, (apart FROM Forsaken and partly Warmind and the Shadow season with Calus) soo I am not going to buy Beyond Light I 100% sure that the same thing will happen as usual. So I Will just play D1 and other games. Although the story seems interesting it fortunatley wont last long only 3-5 hours if you feel like playing for that long. Which I dont.

  4. Nope. Still not buying it. A lot of players all thought that once Activision left bungie wouldve made destiny into a better game. Back to its glory days of D1. Shit, this was even celebrated with champagne being poured for crying outloud! But it hasn't been anything of the such. On the contrary, it's worse than it ever has been!

    An argument could be made that there is less engaging content, way more greed with the microtransactions and free to play concept now. And we all know that free to play is all about making money through skins and accessories. You know, all the kool and nicest shit in the game. The shit ppl play to earn through grinding!

    So I cant ever see bungie returning to its glory days. On the contrary, itll only get worse from here as we are witnessing before our very eyes with less content being dropped and content that was paid for being taken away.

    Anyhow looking forward to ur review even though I'm most likely wont be purchasing the game until further notice. Maybe even ever. 🤷🏻‍♂️😒

  5. Why would I pay 65$ for an expansion – that's without a season pass – to only get a few story missions (probably around 5, as usual), and a strike/raid and new subclasses? Apart from Europa, we're just getting rehashed content from D1, and lose half of D2's original content. I don't see why I should pay Bungie to gain access to old content and lose a freaking huge part of the one I already paid for. I mean honestly, what justifies them selling this almost at a new game pricepoint? Are people that dense, that they don't realize it?

  6. While europa looks brilliant, I can't do the same grind, season after season anymore. Also, removing half the content and invalidating all my old gear is just a pisstake.

  7. Isn't it always the same? Bungie always says the big update the big update and in the end you only get 1 strike and some new armor, weapons and the story is never as well implemented as it should be based on the lore.


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