Destiny 2: VAULT OF GLASS Returning! Beyond Light News on Upcoming CONTENT VAULT (re-upload)

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(RE-UPLOADED) Big Destiny 2 News! Bungie goes over everything that’s going into the DCV (Destiny Content Vault) for Beyond Light. They also tell us what’s coming BACK from Destiny 1, including the Vault of Glass raid! Let’s review together.
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31 thoughts on “Destiny 2: VAULT OF GLASS Returning! Beyond Light News on Upcoming CONTENT VAULT (re-upload)”

  1. Vault of glass coming back: “Hooray, more recycled content.” I just don’t get it, we keep rewarding them for their unoriginality.

    Honestly if I wanted to play VOG, I would turn on D1. Still lots of players there.

    And honestly, so many aspects of this game are turning me off lately; pretty happy there are so many amazing looking games coming out in the fall so I don’t have to quit Destiny cold turkey.

  2. Personally, I'm extremely excited for the recycled content but I hate that they're vaulting other content to bring old content back. I guess I'll be grinding Leviathan for a catalyst I still need and I still have yet to even go through Crown of Sorrow even once.

  3. They need to the game is laggy and they can't keep up they need to not just vault crap but to do away with it tired of seeing and fighting the same bs with the same bs guns that have been around and nerfed in the ground for to long and vog should stay where it is which is not here we don't hardley do anything but grind on those locations or go to them at all i don't wanna see anymore old crap recycled from d1 or d2 destiny is ganna do the same shit over and over again they haven't learned anything about what players want and trials should've stayed in d1 with vog new stuff bungie new not recycled

  4. Vaulting inarguably sucks from the perspective of content, it's always better to have more to play through. Even if players don't play it very often, the option is a positive. That said, I understand the technical limitations, and I hope that Bungie takes this opportunity to make each rotation of content exciting and keep us hooked with each season instead of using it as an excuse to shrink the game. Fingers crossed!

  5. I'm okay with the DCV, even if I still dont understand how a game can run out of room (looking at mmos and behemoths like POE, they dont have that problem)

    But if it means Bungo can cook up new things and not fall back on lean pickings like another season of seraph towers, I'm all for it.

    Periodically a bungie employee is spotted wearing an SRL tshirt. Most sparrows already have side boosting, fuel and fuel-restoring tricks in D2. Would love to see old favorites like SRL and VoG return (if they could only get the dumb atheon portals to work this time)

  6. Okay, second comment incoming: I do appreciate how Fallout said "Forges, Reckoning, and Menagerie- big RIP on that last one." Menagerie is my absolute favorite game mode, and I am really sad that it's going away.

  7. I was thinking about returning to D2 but seems like if I do I have a shit ton of content to grind before Beyond light.
    I was playing D2 solo and I haven't even been able to touch some of the content they are already vaulting. Some of the quests are quite hard alone not gonna lie.
    (I played a lot before Shadowkeep and I own Forsaken + year 1 stuff)

  8. I never played quite enough D1 to play VoG, super casual, so I am excited to try it. I really hope there will be any people who are doing it blind or mostly blind!


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