Destiny 2. ULTIMATE BEYOND LIGHT PREP GUIDE! Things You Totally Forgot About! |Mesa Sean|

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49 thoughts on “Destiny 2. ULTIMATE BEYOND LIGHT PREP GUIDE! Things You Totally Forgot About! |Mesa Sean|”

  1. Apparently you didn't get the Memo, all that Gambit Reckoner gear is going to be useless, Gambit and Gambit Prime are being merge into one, so nobody should waste there time hunting that Crap !

  2. One wish since starting my journey in D2 when it hit steam is the way to join for raids and dungeons needs a overhaul.

    I don't like the current system of putting in the steam number that's like 15 numbers long from the D2 app clan I'm in isn't that active so hoping raids isn't easy and randoms are as bad at raiding as they are at capping zones in crucible. It's a bloody nightmare full of derp shits most time.

    But enough ranting great Video as always 👍 keep up good work.

  3. Couple things to consider
    1) yes you can only hold 50 prisms and 10 shards, BUT , each characters post master can hold 50 prisms and 10 shards as well. So, theoretically u can you have 40 shards and 200 prisms for all 3 characters
    2) bungee announced gambit and gambit prime becoming one mode and that the gambit prime armour sets are going away and that there will be future gambit mods for the new mode that will probably have some of those abilities

  4. I really hope Gambit is NOT a big part of this next expansion.
    And I hope they give us the option to Solo in strikes.
    Unlike all previous expansions I will not be pre ordering, I'll be waiting to see where this is going coz, at the moment there's nothing for solo players.

  5. My inventory us full. I really hope this changes, too much restriction on numbers that can be saved, eg. Mod components, 999 per stack X 5 stacks don't even know if these will continue. Blah blah.

  6. Yeah you remember when they were talking about Trial changes during season of the worthy they were talking about changing the entire bounty system that we were going to get the new Bounty changes this season but they decided to move it to beyond light which honestly I think that was the worst decision
    I still remember what they said at that particular this week at Bungie around that time they mentioned that our bounties such as weekly bounties would be replaced with weekly objectives that would Grant you more XP than weekly bounties have ever done before.
    I remember back then players thought I meant actual Milestones LOL I swear some people in the destiny community and some people overall in society they have the worst reading comprehension I have ever seen in my life. Someone says bounties and they instantly think Milestones someone says you are going somewhere they think you mean your going somewhere 🤣🤣
    Read what it says don't try to make up words or change the meaning of something🤣

  7. Honestly Umbral it's not worth it as prep Beyond light is basically going to be a whole new game there's going to be other things to Chase. There was another YouTuber who was doing crap her name is Abby something she was saying the same thing like you to save those particular items and then use it to get new Exotics. Destiny 1 players know right when Destiny 2 came out Bungie initiated a patch where you were no longer able to save old stuff to get it to become new stuff. Just play the game enjoy the game. Not to mention this particular item Umbra it's a season of the arrival item if anything if you were to save this particular item I guarantee you it would disappear out of your inventory because it's not part of season of the light which I'm guessing that is going to be the Beyond light season I'm just guessing the name.

  8. Like I'm not going to save any Umbra but about a month ago or so I did went after particular stuff like the weapons to get good perks like on the new shotgun from that item and the sniper rifle from that item. You know because as We Know a lot of the good shotgun in sniper rifles are going to be unavailable to infuse because of the current new system. Also wouldn't it be kind of pointless to go and get higher stats when we're going to get new armor anyways not to mention a lot of players like myself we have a full set of Summer of solstice armor with pretty High Dam stats like example my Titan his Solstice armor is fully Masterwork even my Hunter and warlock they only have two items that are not mass to work not to mention I even have all of the white glows.
    Even before solstice I had some armor that had pretty decent High stats but I went back and did Solstice and got all the stuff and I had to remod everything I had to do a lot of infusion and a lot of masterworking that took a lot of resources out of my inventory to a point where I'm almost bankrupt LOL

  9. I don't know why you're trying to tell people to go after stuff like heretic a lot of the old school stuff that doesn't have the arrival logo sooner or later that stuff is going to be unavailable for Infusion


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