Destiny 2 – Top 5 Must Have Weapons For Beyond Light

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Destiny 2 – Top 5 Must Have Weapons For Beyond Light
Destiny 2 – Top 5 Must Have Weapons For Beyond Light
Destiny 2 – Top 5 Must Have Weapons For Beyond Light

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19 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – Top 5 Must Have Weapons For Beyond Light”

  1. I love the Ikelos SMG with the right roll.

    The best roll I have used of the many i’ve tried is:

    Polygonal Riffling
    Steady Rounds
    Threat Detector
    Tap the Trigger

    I want a Stability masterwork but so far have gotten 2 versions of this roll with a Reload masterwork.

    I’ve tried Dynamic Sway and it seems useless but Threat Detector boosts stability, handling, and reload at the ranges you will be engaging with this weapon. The boost in handling really comes in clutch for tracking moving targets. Thats where i’ve always struggled when using SMG’s.

  2. No offense i used to think you weren’t very good judging off some of your gear choices. For example no quickdraw on your shotguns. But then i saw u beat gerenda jake amd fancyy, fancyy is my worst enemy in d2. Now im actually interested in your videos.

  3. My personal top 5 PVE weapon list goes in no particular order, the gnawing hunger, the risk runner, the trinity ghoul, cold denial, and the ikelios smg. Would love to see the special and heavy videos as well.

  4. I got a "Horror Story" from the Haunted Forest with (Ambitious Assassin)+(Osmosis) w/ Reload Speed as it's MW trait boost. It's a 400RPM 32R clip kinetic auto rifle. It has less range/impact than Knawing Hunger and a little less than False Promises, but still damn good for a kinetic/energy back-up. Ambitious Assassin- 1st kill grants +5R. Each rapid kill after grants +4R on immediate reload. Osmosis- Throwing a grenade while using this weapon will change it's elemental damage type to match your currently equipped subclass. Effects last until weapon is stowed. It absolutely annihilates shields. It especially works well on Barrier Champs because of how fast it is overall. What little it lacks in impact, it more than makes up for with sheer speed between rate of fire & reload speed. My main is a Titan, so if I use this weapon I'll usually run w/WoD for the Bubble damage buff, a Machine Gun & Actium War Rig Exotic chest (Steadily reloads your currently equipped Auto Rifles & Machine Guns- +3R almost every second). This pers works while firing too!. If you want good burn for multiple enemies, this is an easy out. If you can fit in some CwL mods & "High Energy Fire", your enemies won't know what hit them.

  5. Last Hope is top 3 sidearms for sure. Swash/Ramage and Subsistence on Gnawing Hunger is God tier.
    I don't get all the Cold Denial love. I have been running with a slew of different rolls and all are just fine but not special 🤷


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