Destiny 2 : Secret Hidden Beyond Light Code / Niobe Labs Teaser / New

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Destiny 2 : Secret Hidden Beyond Light Code / Niobe Labs / New Arg

Secret codes have been discovered in the destiny 2 beyond light trailer that take you to different parts of the internet leaving clues for you like Europa and Niobe, are these secrets to whats going to happen in Destiny 2 season 11?

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15 thoughts on “Destiny 2 : Secret Hidden Beyond Light Code / Niobe Labs Teaser / New”

  1. I'm not sure it relates to anything but the EU8 where the 8 mainland countries to join the EU in 2004, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. Some of which where part of the Soviet Union at different times, or as we could say Old Russia?
    The only thing that comes up for 320L I could find is a data storage device.
    Nothing for the V4 part.

  2. Ta is indeed tantalum and it’s part of the Group 5 metals…. so is Vanadium though which is V on the PT, so not sure what the 1__k could be about… or if it has anything to do with it at all… lol

  3. I dont think this means anything but i searched for v1 k in google but i added planet to it and obviously loads of things about jupiter because its i think the most searched planet but i also saw something called "Exo weather report" just like i said i dont think it means anything but theres always a chance. Now i have searched for V1 seperately and something about a bomb came up but thats really old so it probably has nothing to do with this

  4. i think i have something coming together all this stuff links to planes but im unsure in what it means, i may be way off but i think there is something where im going

  5. TA___5 was a Twitch account that is banned now… but I think it has more to do with the triangle making the other line of code have to do with sequencing…. both codes are part of a banner so again what you are seeing are non hidden lines of graphics codes.

    I hate to ruin the fun though but this is the truth. Lol

    The EU code is for English speaking countries as the banner is an English word. Like EU servers ect.
    The code is probably different for other languages Bungie is advertising too.

  6. You’re looking at a promotional gemmick. It’s a complex graphics code probably left there to promote this kind of publicity.

    The curved point-normal triangle, in short PN triangle, is an interpolation algorithm to retrieve a cubic Bézier triangle from the vertex coordinates of a regular flat triangle and normal vectors. The PN triangle retains the vertices of the flat triangle as well as the corresponding normals. It was first introduced by A. Vlachos et al. in 2001[1] and is primarily used in the field of computer graphics. The usage of the PN triangle enables the visualization of triangle based surfaces in a smoother shape at low cost in terms of rendering complexity and time.

    Sorry if this spoils the fun

  7. Could this play into the hidden "puzzle" on the 4k wallpaper of a guardian sitting down with Jupiter and the triangle ship in the background. It's in the upper left corner. It ties in with the flower game lore entry. Which the flower game is a real mathematical algorithm.


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