Destiny 2 Partners with XBOX!? – More Free Exotics! | Destiny 2 News

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New Destiny 2 News update! A new Gameplay Trailer released for Destiny 2: Beyond Light! Bungie has Partnered with Xbox to bring Destiny 2 to the Xbox Game Pass & Series X! More Free Exotic Drops for Twitch Prime, & More!





New #Destiny2 video, going over the New Destiny 2 News in the most recent weekly update (TWAB) during Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals (New Season 11). The Upcoming Fall DLC, Destiny 2 Beyond Light got a Brand new Gameplay Trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase 2020! This also revealed Destiny 2 coming to the Game Pass, and being optimized for the Xbox Series X! #Destiny2BeyondLight #Destiny2News

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39 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Partners with XBOX!? – More Free Exotics! | Destiny 2 News”

  1. Bungie: hey Microsoft look at this game we made called Halo
    Microsoft: that looks awesome thank you will be taking that.
    Bungie: Destiny 1 PS exclusive content
    Bungie: Destiny 2 year 3 hey Microsoft
    Players: Aww Shit not again

  2. Oh man ps4 n pc players dont have to wait years 4 special gear like xbox did lol well glad cuz exclusive content is bullshit. In case ur blind i was joking first part of sentence

  3. I’m not gonna leave playstation despite the partnership or any partnership at all between Xbox and gaming companies I really like in my opinion.

  4. what i want to know is that does this mean destiny 2 will become available on the microsoft store app on pc. i mean will it still be there available to purchase if it is no longer on the game pass.

  5. It's because bungie plans to take the money ps4/xbox1 players spent on preorder and run, making excuses as to why it's only available on next gen….they did it to xbox 360/ps3 players with lords of iron…..promised us it would be included on our preorder season pass…then delayed it….then told us " thanks for the cash, upgrade now or it sucks to be you". Been watching this start again since the announcement.

  6. Idk if I prefer sub based now or how bungies made destiny… fuckn paid for the standalone game 3 times for 3 platforms as well as forsaken on 2 platforms. Then beyond light for another 103? Come on the game was cheaper when it came out.

  7. Bungo dosent care about the players. They’re just money hungry after activision bailed on them. No point in buying overpriced repetitive dlcs if it’s just gonna get deleted out of the game (warmind and Osiris). And why the fuck do Xbox players get shit for free when PS plus only offered vanilla d2??

  8. hey man , long time subscriber here. need your help if possible . on one of your videos you recomended using gmg glasses , i went on there site and ordered a pair. the issue is its been over a month and when i go and request a tracking information . im told to get the ship app. well when i go on the app my order appears , but no tracking info . now when i look it says delivered today. well i didnt receive the order. and this company has no contact information but a email addy – which i receive no replys. my question to you is do you have a contact phone number to customer service? i mean they do sponser you i would gather. i would alos like to warn everyone else .. i really do apreciate any help you can provide.

    ill check back here or just send me an email .. im also not a wack a doddle either. if that helps.

  9. Think D1 will come to gamepass? im getting the new xbox and wanna play D1 again. Had it on PS4 so would have to buy it again but dont really know if i can find anyone to play with and or if i can handle 30fps


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