Destiny 2 | NEW EXPANSION REVEAL! Stasis LIVE Details & NEW Beyond Light Gameplay!

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NEW Destiny 2 Beyond Light LIVE Reveal, Stasis in Depth & World Premiere Gameplay (Gamescom Opening Night Live)

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43 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | NEW EXPANSION REVEAL! Stasis LIVE Details & NEW Beyond Light Gameplay!”

  1. just over 5mins in I genuinely thought they had taken Destiny to Unreal Engine… I was super hyped for about 2 seconds… poop… Then I thought it was a Starfield trailer and get disappointed…. lol -what a roller coaster… so its icy time – nothing amazing for me tbh – more hoping we get not a big but, a HUGE planet to explore since we lost sooooo much – this replacement better be more than worth our losses…. Hope raid is something decent too like on the scale of kings fall… Who else thinks some of those so called new enemies look like mini version of the SotP Boss… lol… dang Bungo not stretching enemies to make bosses bs but, now shrinking bosses to make enemies… *sighs… Also… still got reckoning… really… *palmface…

  2. Big Bungie Bait! I'm glad I forgot it was happening, and just saw the trailer on the Destiny YT channel.
    A whole lot of nothing. We're still a couple months away from release , I don't know what I was expecting XD
    thx for covering it anyway

  3. Wow I feel so bad for all the content creators who had to wait 2 hours for that. That trailer honestly made me less hyped than I was before I saw it. Very disappointing. Thanks houndish for all you do tho

  4. I don't like these cinematic gameplay trailers that Bungie and a lot of others do. It'd be nice to see a portion of a strike where it swaps perspectives of the fireteam members. Not the entire strike, but just a section to really see the gameplay feel.


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