Destiny 2 NEW Beyond Light TRAILER! Reaction! EUROPA!

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HERE IT IS!!! A look at EUROPA in Destiny 2 – Beyond light. There is lots on show here and it gets me very excited for the chance to explore this area.

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2 thoughts on “Destiny 2 NEW Beyond Light TRAILER! Reaction! EUROPA!”

  1. ive said this ever since rasputin shut of, but i think we are going to use the deep stone crypt to put the little rasputin data chip we found of him and are going to turn him into an exo. plus the original dtory of destiny was that the main charicter was an exo called rasputin and we had to find him. Coincidence i think not

  2. Can’t tell if that’s a new enemy or just some sort of harpy. It’s a bit difficult for me to tell at this moment in time. I know some harpy’s do look pretty similar to what I’d seen there but I couldn’t properly see the full design of the enemy so not 100% sure yet


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