Destiny 2. Is Beyond Light Really DESTINY 3? New Info & More! What you may not know! |Mesa Sean|

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38 thoughts on “Destiny 2. Is Beyond Light Really DESTINY 3? New Info & More! What you may not know! |Mesa Sean|”

  1. THis comes back this comes back this comes back…
    Everyone: Yeay we re getting D1 again
    Me: I see, so D3 is pretty much a reskinned D1, can i have some new stuff pls? maybe? Else i would just buy D1

  2. Facts: Bungie is not even able to create new legendary weapons. Like 80% of the new introduced weapons recently are pretty much 1:1 Reskinns of weapons allready in the game, sometimes even reskinns of these reskinns.
    Also Facts: Bungie is not even able to create any sort of event that is actually fun. All i say is: Kill Kabal, Pick Up Ball, / Throw Ball at something or Put Ball into Something. THAT is like the foundation of pretty much ANYthing they add, in variations and reskinns.

    And now they take away like 70% of the Game and you SERIOUSLY expect Bungie to create THAT MUCH NEW content to make up for? Sry but, beeing realistic here, thats not gonna happen. I wont buy Destiny 1 Version 2 either, nor any of the upcoming season passes, fck this season pass model to begin with. Bungie could very well just call it a complete new type of Game Model. How does P2PB sound? Pay 2 Play Bounties? Sounds familiar?

  3. Why would they get rid of some content? Why get rid of those experiences? I got spent the $60 when it came out, $20 on the season pass, and now they just decide "hey you know that stuff you bought a while ago, well there gone. Thanks for your money though!" F#ck you bungie, you fell so low…

  4. I think the darkness is not exactly an individual enemy. I think it is kinda like a personality or-give me some credit-the DARK side. Kinda like the light, or the traveler, it is benevolent, kind, reviving I'm stuff. and the darkness, or the tetrahedron, is like betraying, revolting, almost like it enjoys chaos rather than focused on saving people from it like the traveler. But that is just my two cents.

  5. Honestly the update really does look like a d3 with more aspects of d1 and I like that it's just I don't like how they are adding a number of d1 strikes and areas raid bro like if I wanted to play those things I can just play d1?! Like d2 is for new content not old I don't understand the cosmodrome or any of that there is really no point but if it expands the story of our character or whatever he said I guess cuz I wanna see more lore about us who we play as and what makes us so special apart from the fact that we clap gods idk man

  6. I think siva is the worst enemy in the game in my opinion, idk to me it just feels…original? They could’ve made a much more threatening enemy then a bunch of self replicating nano like machines that the fallen then try to steal

  7. I dont see how this is ok let alone a D3. They are even throwing away campaign. I guess new players coming to Beyond Light will never get to expeirence the Warmind DLC. Although its not like youll even miss something if you didnt play Warmind.


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