Destiny 2 | DLC LAUNCH TRAILER! Darkness Teases, New Exotics, Activities, Cinematics (Beyond Light)

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Destiny 2: BEYOND Light LAUNCH Trailer, New Exotics, Story Teases, Cinematics, DLC Exotics, New Europa Footage & More! (Beyond Light DLC News)

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*Intro Music: Guustavv – Textural (Epidemic Sounds)
*Outro : Lensko – Circles (Provided by NoCopyrightSounds)
*Sarah, The Instrumentalist – Red Ruby (Epidemic Sounds)
*Ooyy – Gelatin Nature (Intro) (Epidemic Sounds)
*Misiatko – Alegoria
*Verbatim – Guustavv (Epidemic Sounds)
*Cool Wet Sand – Oman (Epidemic Sounds)
*Ocean Jams – Spaced (Epidemic Sounds)
*Dyalla – Beachside
*Kronicle – Wake Up
*Crying Over You – Chris Morro
*Music Beach – MBB


46 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | DLC LAUNCH TRAILER! Darkness Teases, New Exotics, Activities, Cinematics (Beyond Light)”

  1. Right now I have a male Human Warlock that looks like Jackie Estacado from the Darkness and I am planning on using Darkness entity lines for this expansion. Maybe if I get 1K Voices I'll put up a video saying.


  2. The only thing I find so stupid is that Eramis decides to give stasis one by one… all the fallen….do you know how powerful they'd be if she said "you get stasis, you get stasis, you all get stasis!"……cmon, that's just bad storytelling, I need an enemy to win for once, makes the story better

  3. I think the scene in the tower and Zavala’s dialogue from that scene minus “the darkness is here” is actually from this season, I think that’s the end of season event
    Sirens blaring out in the hanger, guardians going to all corners of the system to find answers, sounds like too big of an event to be about europa

  4. Wish I could see Drifter fight, see how he does battle when he gets serious. Aside the fact that he's ancient af, been through some tough times and one of the very few light bearers that "transcended their design"..and has a heavily armored ghost that stays hidden at all times (unlike Cayde's), we really don't know much about his fighting style…maybe a solar warlock? Anyway, I like how he lets the other two do the fighting in this video, while he's just casually strolling around :)).


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