Destiny 2 Beyond Light Theories

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My thoughts and theories on the Beyond Light announcement with the Stranger returning and dark subclasses with ice coming to the game. I will admit a lot of this took me by surprise, but it helps with some theories we have been working on.


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  1. From the way they made the decision lately (sunsetting, DCV, etc.) I think this DLC might be treated like a brand new game or a sequel like destiny 3, but without making a completely new game. So I expect something as big as size of the Red War, both in terms of story and gameplay. I don't think Eramis would be an endgame boss judging by the story they pulled all these years and there will be a higher power boss as a raid boss behind this story of Eramis, just like Calus and Riven for example. Witch Queen will be more epic because we finally fight Savathun later on but probably also not as big as Forsaken. Lightfall however is the true endgame and it's gonna be more darker approach to the story. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Bringing back old content instead of new stuff is just flat out a bad idea. I don’t care about removing the old planets. That’s completely fine… TO MAKE WAY FOR BRAND NEW CONTENT. I loved VOG. It was a great experience. I don’t give a frick to play it in D2. I can still head back to D1 if I want to play. “I want to play it on high fidelity graphics,” is just as weak an argument as you’re saying people who complain about losing paid for content is.

    You buy a new game for new challenges and new experiences: NOT have a same experience again only prettier. Bungie is banking on that love of the past to distract people from the fact they are delivering less new challenges to face.

    If they deliver VOG with a package of new strikes and raids, I wouldn’t have a problem. BUT, if they release VOG as a stand-alone seasonal/expansion raid, you are being a sheep if you’re OK with it.

  3. The kentarch-3 (the guardians from GoS who accepted power from the Darkness) were presumed dead because no one could find their ghosts. Exo stranger possesses a non-ghost ‘pet’. I’ mmm predicting when you abandon the light and adopt the Darkness you forfeit your ghost in exchange for the Pokémon 🙂

  4. I think that in 2021 Savathun is trying to take out both the traveler and the Pyrimids and that in 2022 after we take out the Pyrimids' main threat and they will began their siege of the Last City and the Guardians will start to pick sides.
    I also don't think Io should leave but the rest are good to go. Io just has a large impact on the story including the Cradle and the Tree of Silver Wings. However I do think they may finish that story by the end of Season of the Arrivals. I'm just very excited to see the future of Destiny as a Franchise and the future of Bungie.

  5. I think that Destiny players need to experience and learn to let go. They enjoyed that previous content, and all things pass, so let go of that previous content for the new. Allow Bungie to trim the weeds and to prune the rose bush to create a better Destiny 2. Titan, Io, Mercury, Titan, and the Leviathan are all good pieces of content, yes, but…Better content can be made if we let go of those past experience. It is time to move on.

  6. I only disagree with removing strikes. It is the primary grind activity and we are losing seven strikes (some really good ones) and gaining probably two new ones and one from D1 (with two more later on). They could just tweak those strikes so they do not start in public spaces, that way they would not have to keep the entire destination.

  7. I am kinda sad about titan leaving, for whatever reason I’m oddly fond of it. But I realize it’s for the better of the game so I’m fine with it

  8. I really want a pvevp like the a darkzone in destiny… Would be important that there is no power advantage cus that would be cheap and stack with team shooting

  9. What if the Travaler is the final raid boss. What if after the Lightfall raid boss is beaten the Traveler itself decides to attack leading to another boss, or side raid, where we have to kill the Traveler who acts as a living level boss. We would be having to navigate the travaler like a giant maze while trying to kill it the entire way until we finally make it to its core, or whatever it is that makes it alive and think, and we have to defeat that. Maybe inside the Travaler is light itself, some sort of being and the same is true for the Darkness inside a Pyramid ship. I'm starting to think there's no darkness enemy and the darkness is kinda like the light where there's no being, just a power that othet beings can use like us and the light, hive and taken and the darkness, and the Pyramid ships and travaler themselves serve as the source. I hope I'm wrong because there is concept art of the Veil just like there was for Europa and we're getting that, so hopfully we get to see them this fall because after 7 years it's time lol.

  10. So the Prophecy Dungeon emphasizes that the Darkness is the contrary from light (obviously) now we’re getting the contrary of solar being staxis (which is ice) so its safe to say that we’re getting the opposite of arc and void for the other elements

  11. You know I thought the other day, they have the perfect chance to have An enemy Exo faction in beyond light, like exo frames corrupted by the darkness.

    Imagine how cool that would be, not just for combat, but also as a moral choice for the character, even if they do use darkness subclasses too.

    But I understand, they will never do such ideas, and now I’ve made myself disappointed.

  12. It wouldnt make sense to have 3 dark subclasses and 3 light subclasses

    The whole story rn about light and dark is about balance… Eris says very clearly that balance isnt the same as equality… (An ocean is not in balance when salt is at the same ammount as water; she actually gave this as an example)

    Bc of this I belive we will get AT MAX only 2 darkness subclasses… so we wont surpass this balance…

    We will get the second one in lightfall

  13. ATTENTION: I’m not english, so the grammar will not perfect.

    I noticed that year 3, as bad as it was, is indispensable for year 4. If we think about it, Shadowkeep and Season of Arrival presented us with Darkness and brought us closer to it, the Season of Undying and Season of Dawn they made us understand the journey through time and the fact of being able to influence it, while the Season of the Worthy showed us the greatness with its fall of Rasputin.

    I thought about what the plot might be like.

    Practically the Drifter and Eris call us to go to Europa and there we will meet the Exo Stranger.

    Then there is a whole explanation of the Darkness, the history of the Eliksni and space-time travel. Maybe just using the stasis, which in addition to ice should have something to do with time, it would connect to the Vex, to the Exo Thick, er, Exo Stranger I mean and maybe we also meet ourselves in the past, in the first Destiny 1. Maybe.

    After going on with the investigations on Europa we discover information regarding Clovis Bray and the warminds. So we are sent to the Cosmodrome and accidentally meet Uldren; the latter helps us find information regarding the warmind, but instead we find the exo of Rasputin.

    We take Rasputin with us and return to Europe. Here we access the Braytech laboratories, discover the origin of the exo, create Cayde-7, a final confrontation takes place first with that sexy fallen… I mean Eramis and then perhaps with the robotic version of Daddy Bray himself.

    The start of the new season talks about the importance of time travel and Vex in the battle between Light and Darkness. Because of this we return for some reason to the Vault of Glass.

    Also for the time travel issue and also adding Savathûn's "magic tricks", as the Moon was not invaded by the Dorito… Pyramids, then we are forced to return to face a reincarnation of Crota.

    For a strange reason Rasputin is kidnapped by Savathûn herself, so we face the witch queen and save our second favorite russian exo.

    After that, the Exo Stranger invite us to her cabine and we start to have love scene with her. I KNOW THEY MAKE IT! THEY NEED TO MAKE IT!

    I know it was eight years ago, but I still remember. We have waited 3 years to make a romance on Mass Effect with the two characters who are alien with nothing of human, Tali and Garrus, and we have waited in totally 5 years to see a real love scene with these ones. That never happen!

    They made a love scene with Lady Butt. They made a love scene with Tatoo-Bald-Girl. They made a love scene with “…but the Prize” choco dude, but they don’t made a love scene with Miss Keelah Se’lai and Mr. Callibrations. The cutest and most funny characters of the entire Mass Effect series, BioWare don’t make a love scene with them.

    Now, Bungie. You need to give us to make something with the Exo Stranger, please! We can’t make our guardian to the fate to remain virgin for the rest of the saga. Please, give to us a fanservice like the Citadel! GIVE TO US! GIVE TO US!

    I’m joking… in part.

  14. All I want is for the main goal of the witch queen is to resurrect Oryx, because that would put the book of sorrows(think that what it’s called) into play…
    But that’s my opinion

  15. it would also be fun that every class got a stasis person
    hunter gets stasis from the stranger and keeps in touch with her
    warlock will then be eris
    titan will get stasislearn from the drifter
    like a going back to destiny 1 that every gaurdian had hesher leader and giving bountys to do for your clase and could not get them from the other 2
    i think they going back to that


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