Destiny 2 Beyond Light 'The Stranger' Edition First Look!

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Numskull Designs reveals a very special limited edition 10” statue of ‘The Stranger’ as Bungie announces the much-anticipated launch of ‘Beyond Light’.

This exquisite, collectable statue will thrill all fans of the Destiny franchise. It is a truly authentic replica, positioned on a snow base with details matched to how she appears in the game. The statue will be bundled with the Digital Deluxe expansion (provided separately via digital code), launch 22nd September 2020.

‘The Stranger’ is back, don’t miss out. It’s available for PRE-ORDER NOW!

As if this wasn’t enough, Numskull Designs has also launched an official range of
TUBBZ – Destiny characters in collectible cosplaying duck form

TUBBZ is a range of cosplaying, collectible ducks that are quirky replicas of iconic characters from the biggest video game, movie, TV show and comic book brands. There are 3 quacking new Destiny characters joining Eris Morn and Cayde –6. Check out The Drifter, Saint-14 and The Stranger in fine duck form.

Destiny Pin Kings Collectible Pin Badges

A must for all Destiny fans. Three official Pin Sets each with two premium metal and enamel pins.

Destiny Mugs

This official Destiny heat reactive mug, complete with Tricorn metal badge, will go from white to black when your drink goes cold. For thirsty gamers, the Destiny Guardians 20oz ceramic mug will keep you fuelled.

Destiny Apparel

Play in style with the official Destiny T-Shirt and premium Snapbacks, with curved bills and embroidered detail. Choose from two designs:

– Official Destiny Tricorn Black T-shirt
– Official Destiny Tricorn Snapback
– Official Destiny Guardians Snapback

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27 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light 'The Stranger' Edition First Look!”

  1. Do you know if this will be available either as a separate purchase or with an edition for PC/Steam for Australia? Or will we have to purchase it separately from another country's website?

  2. So, Amazon America was listed but I see no option to choose it when on the website, is it coming later or was it a mess up? And will it be available for console users as well?

  3. How does the Deluxe Edition work with this? I already pre-ordered but I'm worried about losing my bonuses if I refund.
    Do I get it at pick up, or do I get a code when I order?

  4. I absolutely despise that you guys partnered with TrashStop and so now if I want this Edition for PS4 (I pre-ordered the day it became available) I have to be screwed out of my "instant access" pre-order reward items because ShitStop "doesn't do that" 😠🤬


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