Destiny 2: Beyond Light || Talking Simulator

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Broadcast 2020-12-08

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7 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Beyond Light || Talking Simulator”

  1. "Been a lot more coy with us"
    If I recall, one of the early communications it had with us was essentially sending a text making Sympathy for the Devil references. It then proceeded to explain how it and the Traveler played a game where it was a destroyer and the Traveler a creator, but the Traveler was being a spoiled little kid and got bored with his toys, so started haphazardly changing the rules. To try and make things interesting, the Traveler made itself and the Darkness active participants in the game, and the Darkness by its role as destroyer found itself compelled to attack the Traveler. Then the game wasn't reset and everything got out of control, leading to the creation of the universe as we know it. The Darkness makes a comment about how ever since this happened, the universe has been off its rails and there is no Destiny anymore, and talks about how even though the Traveler is a creator, the Darkness is the one who first taught simple cells to start consuming each other and kicked off natural selection. The reason it's shown up again is because of the player specifically. At this point, the player has killed multiple gods, slaughtered enemies in the thousands, if not millions, and has overcome the odds time and time and time again. In the eyes of the Darkness, the only things that have value are those that struggle and overcome, ergo the player who keeps coming out victorious is the most worthy being. Following that, the Darkness has made a bet with the Traveler, about what the player will eventually do, and whose ideology the player will best represent. There's a bunch more stories that are allegories for why the Traveler is a hypocrite, and some other stuff. Pretty sure there's at least a couple occasions where it more or less insinuates that you should ditch humanity and party around the universe as its champion. There's been like 3 seasons where most of the lore bits you could get were just the Darkness texting you or people who could pass on a message to you.

    Anyways, point is the Darkness is like that quiet kid who you try to talk to one time, and then just won't ever shut up again.


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