Destiny 2: Beyond Light Sandbox Changes Have More Nerfs Than Buffs

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Bungie just gave us a lengthy preview of the major Destiny 2 sandbox changes coming in Beyond Light, and it’s a whole lot of nerfs with only a few buffs, mostly focused on hand cannons, and a lot of underused stuff is barely getting touched. What’s going on?

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48 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Beyond Light Sandbox Changes Have More Nerfs Than Buffs”

  1. Ruinous isn't having the slam nerfed, its the mid air normal attack.

    To be fair, I thought the same thing at first. It's poorly worded in the TWAB.

    Also read the rocket reserves as magazine at first. Was pretty hyped then was like… Oh… So they still suck then unless its Truth.

    I'm not sure why Bungie thinks an aim assist buff to Scouts is going to suddenly make them more meta. Unless the bullets home in on crit spots now… yeah.

    The whole situation with Trials and Adept Weapons is just a reminder of how secondary a focus PVP is in this game. For as few people who can do Grandmaster and Raids, even fewer are gonna go Flawless in Trials. When they talk about Adepts for Strikes, I'll pay attention.

    …and as far as better players getting even better weapons to dunk on worse players in PVP… not that Bungie is ever gonna get rid of Crucible but… just saying… PVE doesn't suffer from this problem…

    Its tantalizing to think about how many pain points simply disappear if PVP wasn't the resource drain that it is… Nowhere near a cure-all but still…

  2. Sunshot won't be meta, not on console anyway. The aim assist value is only at 60, makes it way to inconsistent. 180s might make a comeback with the increased range and more bullets in the mag. Thorn is going to be the meta 140, Ace will make a return as well. Cool thing is there's more variety of HCs. Plus we don't know what the stasis weapons are going to be like. Could be a whole new meta on the way.

  3. imo pve doesnt need buffs except for maybe scouts and fusion rifles the rest ANYTHING can be viable in pve endgame ive seen people saying without guillotine you do primary dps like wtf

    also rockets need a buff but they already said they will be adressing it so really idk how ppl are saying pve is unplayable anymore

  4. also as for effigy drain nerf im pretty sure its because the raid high af dmg pretty much immortality AND supression suppose the new raid has a vault last wish encounter day 1 it was hell to kill those knights but if they had effigy at that time it would be a literal walk in the park

  5. Do you remember last year when they nerfed all the super return exotics? They had a TWAB with all the bad news several weeks before the new season, then they waited a couple of weeks until just before the new season to drop the TWAB about buffs. That way you forget all the bad stuff and only remember the hype right before the new season/DLC drops.

  6. It really does feel like all bungie does is nerf shit, like dude seriously I get there needs to be a challenge but do u gotta neuter everything we have every 3 months

  7. Regarding the adept weapons, feel like the ship has sailed. Most people who would care about it don't care at this point, which is a shame. They should've introduced them way sooner.

  8. Bungie really needs to deliver on beyond light or ima head out lol the constant nerfs is getting to me everytime somethings good they nerf it instead of bringing everything els in line like how it was in d1 where I was like hmm what should I use for this boss hmm maybe my sword maybe my machine gun maybe my rocket launcher or hey the swingy sword in d1 you had a choice to play how you wanted in d2 it’s everybody using same thing for everything the whole crucible is gnawing hunger or summoner

  9. Here's the problem: rockets and snipers were already really good, they got nerfed, they aren't undoing that.
    Bungie has been scaling back on damaged for quite some time now so I don't know why that would be a surprise.
    Autos and pulses are in a good spot and with bows in the game scouts can't be touched, bringing their damage up would push us into vanilla D2 Mida meta in crucible and completely eliminate bows in PVE.
    The only thing I could see them tweaking that wouldn't be crazy would be to give them like zero fall off damage but they can't be buffed. Outside of that, nerfs inadvertently buffs other weapons so we will have to wait until we can play. The whole narrative is stasis so I doubt they will be touching current subclasses for a while, it's all relatively balanced outside of maybe top tree dawn.

  10. My concern with the adept weapon mods is if they can only be used in trials matches? If they can be used in other modes I hope they aren't overpowered. I'm thinking people will find another cheating program to obtain them.

  11. Players: “Wow, swords are amazing!”
    Bungie: “Let’s tone that down.”

    Players: “Wow, rockets aren’t worth the ammo they use!”
    Bungie: “So what you’re saying is, more ammo?”

    Players: “The only good Fusion Rifle is being sunset.”
    Bungie: silence

    Players: “Scout rifles don’t have the damage to be worth using in PvE.”
    Bungie: “AIM ASSIST!”

    Bows in PvE: Exist
    Bungie: Trying way too hard to not notice

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  13. When the new destiny 2 comes out I won't bother redownloading I'll just go on to other games. Destiny 2 just makes me lose interest in this game as the honeymoon with shadowkeep is over with. And BUNGIE staff needs Activision to come back and make them do their job


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